Series Tour: A Little Christmas series written by Wendy Rathbone, A.W. Scott, Jamie Kassel, Aster Rae, JP Sayle, Kaytea Kat, Gianni Holmes, Della Cain, TL Travis, R.A. Frick, Sue Brown, Skyler Snow, and B. Ripley.

 So pleased to be able to be part of the Series Tour for A Little Christmas series!

Our team reviewed several of the books in the series - read our reviews here:
Blake by Wendy Rathbone
Efren by Skyler Snow
Sawyer by R.A. Frick
Teddy by Aster Rae
Jacob by TL Travis
Terrence by JP Sayle
Danny by Sue Brown
Morrie by B. Ripley
Aster by Della Cain
Zahair by Gianni Holmes

A Little Christmas is a multi-author series written by 

Wendy Rathbone, A.W. Scott, Jamie Kassel, Aster Rae, JP Sayle, Kaytea Kat, Gianni Holmes, Della Cain, TL Travis, R.A. Frick, Sue Brown, Skyler Snow, and B. Ripley.

Each book is an MM Daddy/little Christmas twist on The Little Princess Classic tale.

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance

Trope: Age Play, Daddy/little

Themes: Varied

Heat Rating:  Varied

Each age play romance book in this multi-author series can be read as a standalone.


All the books are available in Kindle Unlimited

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A Little Christmas: Blake by Wendy Rathbone 

A Little Christmas: Finn by A.W. Scott 

A Little Christmas: Noah by Jamie Kassel 

A Little Christmas: Teddy by Aster Rae 

A Little Christmas: Terrence: by JP Sayle 

A Little Christmas: Timmy by Kaytea Kat 

A Little Christmas: Zahair by Gianni Holmes 

A Little Christmas: Aster by Della Cain 

A Little Christmas: Jacob: by TL Travis

A Little Christmas: Sawyer by R.A. Frick 

A Little Christmas: Danny by Sue Brown

A Little Christmas: Efren by Skyler Snow 

A Little Christmas: Morrie by B. Ripley 

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