See You In Boston By Eden Finley and Saxon James

 "On the 12th day of Christmas Eden Finley and Saxon James gave us CU series fans all a little gift for the holiday season. They gifted us a free Novella about one of our favorite hockey players Rossi and a UVM Bi-Boy named Tyson. When I say I stopped everything to read this book…I stopped everything to read this book. I had college exams to work on, kids that needed baths, laundry to fold and bags to pack for our holiday coming up. Did any of that get done?…No! Like I said I read the book instead. I think I made a good choice of my time or so that's what i am telling myself.

From the Blurb:

All I want is to be dicked down, why is that so much to ask? When graduation night hits and I still haven’t crossed bottoming off my bucket list, I’ll do anything to make it happen. Including hitting on the bashful, dimpled cutie from the CU Hockey team. He’s not queer, but he is curious. One last college experience with someone we never have to see again. And when he leaves me with the parting words “maybe I’ll see you in Boston”, I don’t think either of us realized that would happen so soon 

Lindz' Review:

“See You In Boston” was short and sweet without feeling rushed. We already knew Rossi and some of his back story from being a solid supporting character throughout the CU series books. So this short story was something we all hoped for, but was not sure if we would get. I have to admit I always had a feeling Rossi might be a little Bi or whatever label he wants to identify as, but was not sure if we would ever get to see his HEA play out. Eden and Saxon did not disappoint with this one. Tyson is just the right amount of over the top to contrast Rossi in all the right ways. There meet-cute was so well written that it makes us realize how small the world is, yet also still big. I mean how do you go 4 years without meeting someone and then end up working with them after graduation and moving to the same larger city, Karma is how. I love the “He’s a Friend of a Friend” connection that they have and role with throughout the story. I think we all hope to find someone like them to love and fully support us even if its hard to stay away until the time is right. It was just the right non holiday book we didn’t know we needed this time of year.

Even though you don’t need to read the series to enjoy this Novella, you will better understand the main characters and the past main characters from the series more if you do. 

Rating: 5 Stars

See You in Boston is a free short story that you can download from prolific works after joining Eden & Saxon: Pucking Disasters Facebook Groupnull