Foreigner's God, Stay Grounded #3 by B.H. Lynn

Can Alex and Trevor make it to the altar? Hoping life is settling down, a new case and Trevor's estranged family start to stir up too many emotions for Trevor. Luckily, Alex holds on tightly so that their love can survive anything life throws at them.

From the blurb for Foreigner's God:

After years under the influence of one trauma or another, my life is finally on the track of my dreams. My fiancé had moved in and made my house a home, I’ve acquired friends (not named Jules), and I’ve made progress dealing with my past.

But crime doesn’t stop just because my life is coming together. A body’s been found two cities over with a peculiar clue that warrants our attention. One victim leads to another, and before long, it’s obvious we’re on the hunt for a serial killer. As the body count rises, and the clues left behind get closer to home, the links between the victims lead us to a place that will challenge us all personally, and emotionally.

And then a phone call comes in and turns the rest of my life upside down.

The tailspins that follow has me doubting I’ll ever be the man the people in my life deserve, and this case takes me isn’t doing me any favors. It’s a mad dash between my life and work to see what will undo me first, and despite the progress

I’ve made, and the undying love of Alex, I’m not sure I can stop it from tearing everything I've fought for apart.

SNik's Review:

Third in series (Stay Grounded), best if read in order. Established couple. Single POV. 

Just as Alex and Trevor seem to be living their new normal, living together and planning their wedding, Trevor has a new case which throws him for a loop and his family has popped back into his life. All the therapy in the world, plus the support of his best friend and work partner, can’t keep Trevor from thinking Alex will eventually leave him, the long work hours and the constant outside stressors is too much pressure. 

Really Alex is the constant in this story, ever supportive and just as loving no matter what Trevor is experiencing. Trevor does communicate with Alex, but I would have loved him to say out loud some of his thoughts about how important Alex was to him. 

Foreigner's God ends up being a good finale for Alex and Trevor as the case resolves and Trevor has the beginning of closure with his family. The guys get their HEA as Trevor accepts Alex will be there for him in the long run and that even though there are bumps along the way they really do have a strong love for each other that will last.

Rating: 4 Stars

Reedkaye's Review:

This is the third book in the series and they really need to be read in order to get the whole story. This takes the series to a new level. 

Alex and Trevor are supposedly in the honeymoon stage of their relationship but both have time demanding careers which plays into their time together. Alex is a business owner and Trevor a detective. Trevor has self-worth issues he is trying to deal with when he gets a call his dad is dying. Since his parents disowned him for being gay this brings up all sorts of issues for him.   

At the same time he and his partner are thrown in a case dealing with the gay issue. Trevor finds so many things going on around him that he isn’t sure he is able to deal. 

This story held my attention from beginning to end. I love this series and would recommend it. The characters are so real and the issues and events so well described I could see them happening  The secondary characters are so involved that the story is enhanced by them.  

I don’t know where the series goes from here but I’ll be watching this author to see what is next.

Rating: 5 Stars

Lori C's Review:


Jules and Trevor are thrown for a loop when a body shows up with Julie’s business card on it. At first they can’t find a link and when they find one linking back to Jules personal life, it scares them both. When the second body shows up with Trevor’s business card, they know a serial killer is on the loose and they’re racing against the clock to find him or her. Will they find the killer? Will Trevor and Alex manage to get married? 

Oh my goodness!! This book is fast paced and grabs you by the throat. The opening chapter takes you straight to a murder scene basically. All I was hoping for was a wedding between Trevor and Alex, I ended up with Trevor finding a bit of peace with his parents and more healing on his own mental health journey. The murder mystery brought a bit real of life into the book by touching on the weaponization of faith and religion toward the LGBQT community. Having the wedding portrayed in the epilogue was the perfect ending for the book!! I’m not sure where B. H. Lynn goes from here. Does she continue the series? Does it end here with the wedding? Who knows, I’d love to find out though. 😉

Rating: 5 Stars
Foreigner's God is available to buy as an ebook