A Little Christmas: Aster by Della Cain

Della Cain's addition to the A Little Christmas multi-author series is a second chance romance for a widowed little and the neighbour who has been watching out for him since his Daddy died...

Sometimes…if you are a very good boy…Santa brings you a daddy.

Aster has been very good. He’s done everything he promised his daddy he would when he left for his last business trip three years earlier, the one that ended in tragedy. Aster eats three meals a day even when he doesn’t want to, he stays hydrated, he doesn’t let anyone make him feel bad for who he is, and he colors a picture every night before bed. Aster is a very good boy—he’s also very lonely.

Maybe he should write a letter to Santa?

Theodore’s heart breaks for his next-door neighbor. After losing his husband in a freak accident, he’s been but a shell of himself. All he wants to do is give him a hug and take all the hurt away, like a good daddy should. Only he’s not his daddy and, for all he knows Aster isn’t into daddies.

Everything changes when Theodore picks up a piece of what he thinks is trash only to discover it’s Aster’s list for Santa, a list that includes two things: a daddy who will love me and a teddy bear.

A Little Christmas: Aster features a widowered little whose list for Santa includes a daddy of his own, a daddy who would love nothing more than for that daddy to be him, a dream come true—literally, true love, Christmas magic, and a happily ever after.

***A Little Christmas: Aster is an MM Daddy/Little Christmas twist on the Little Princess Classic. Each age play romance book in this multi-author series can be read as a standalone.

Heather's Review:

Aster is a little without a daddy, and a widower without a partner.  He usually writes letters to his Daddy to share things, but this holiday season he decides to write his letter to Santa instead... and asks for a new Daddy...

Theodore has been helping Aster with small things - like putting his trash out to the curb, so when a stray Santa letter flies into his possession, he knows that it's time to help give Aster what he wants for Christmas...

A Little Christmas: Aster is a sweet, low angst holiday story that involves two men connecting and making a connection that works... it's a lot sweet, a little steamy and a great addition to the A Little Christmas series.  A quick read that is perfect for an afternoon when you want a sweet little story.  This story can be read standalone and in any order with others in the series.

Rating: 5 Stars

A Little Christmas: Aster is available in paperback and e-book and can be read as part of your kindle unlimited subscription.