A Little Christmas: Teddy by Aster Rae


A Little Christmas: Teddy is an age play, with stuffies romance about a lost boy who is found by his Daddy. Sweet and low angst with a bit of heat and steam. 

From the blurb:

All I want for Christmas is a teddy… and a Daddy.

Teddy. That's what my father called me before he mysteriously vanished on a military mission two
years ago. The private boarding school he paid for kicked me out and I was forced to live with a mean family.

Everything changes when a white-bearded silver fox in a red suit shows up with a letter.

Chester is my father's former military partner, and he's been searching for me ever since Papa disappeared. He offers to take me with him to his skyscraper overlooking Central Park.

His penthouse suite and the servants who wait on me are amazing. There's no denying that.

When he takes me to a Little Christmas mixer and tells me to ask Santa what I want, I'm not sure whether I want him to merely be my Dad's former partner… or my Daddy.

A Little Christmas: Teddy is an MM Daddy/Little Christmas twist on the Little Princess Classic. Each age play romance book can be read as a standalone.

Janet's Review:

A Little Christmas: Teddy is an age play book with in a multi author series. And it’s a seriously sweet Christmas read. 

Teddy’s father disappeared on a mission, and he’s been on his own since he was sixteen. He’s forced to live as a slave for a nasty lady. His private school kicked him out and his family stole all his father’s wealth. 

Chester was Teddy’s father's best friend and military partner. He’s been looking everywhere for Teddy. He finally finds Teddy and rescues him. 

A sweet romance featuring age-play, stuffies and the sassy/snarky boys from the authors' previous stories. Overall, a great read! Well written with addicting pacing that made it hard to put down.

Rating: 5 Stars

A Little Christmas: Teddy is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.