A Little Christmas: Morrie (A Little Christmas) by B. Ripley

Nobody is willing to take a chance on a boy who doesn't like cuddles, and Morrie is a little that needs more than a just the passing fancy of a Daddy. When Scott meets Morrie he decides he is more than willing to give Morrie as much of a Christmas the little can handle, and hopefully gain his trust so Morrie can be the brave boy lurking underneath his fears. 

I’ve never made a Christmas wish, but if I could, I’d ask Santa for a Daddy who understands me.

I learned early on in life that gentle hands and friendly smiles can hide darkness underneath. I shy away from cuddles and hugs and refuse to let anyone get too close to me. It’s safer if they stay away and I don’t mind putting up as many barriers as I can to keep everyone out of my space.

When Scott walks into The Red Door nightclub on the one night of the week I let myself be who I really am inside, everything changes. I’m drawn to his kindness, but his patience and understanding are what shine through the most. Scott promises me a Christmas like I’ve never seen before and I want to believe in the joy of mistletoe kisses, hot chocolate by the fireplace and the warmth that comes from just being near him, but it all seems to good to be true.

Is Scott just another Grinch coming to snatch away everything I love or will he prove to be the Daddy of my dreams?

A Little Christmas is an MM Daddy/Little Christmas twist on the Little Princess Classic. Each age play romance book can be read as a standalone.

(content warnings: discussion of child abuse and neglect)

SNik's Review:

Part of a multi-author series (A Little Christmas!) but all are standalone stories. Daddy/boy. Slow burn. Quick read. Dual POV. 

When real estate investor Scott sets his sights on Morrie he quickly realizes the boy needs patience and understanding in order to see if they can build a Daddy/boy relationship. 

After being in foster care and scraping by daily as a dishwasher, Morrie wishes for a Daddy, but that person would have to be special and caring about Morrie’s past traumas and current needs. Although the trust builds quickly given Morrie’s past, there is a huge amount of honest communication between them and Scott lets Morrie set the pace for how he wants each interaction to move forward. 

The story is full of emotion, with thoughtful and kind connection between Morrie and Scott. A sweet holiday story that doesn’t have every hardship magically disappear but does show hope and love between two deserving guys.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Each of the A Little Christmas stories have been sweet and a little heartbreaking, but Morrie's story of growing up in foster care and why he prefers not to be touched and how he wants to be treated really pulls on your heartstrings.  Scott is the right daddy because he shows patience and caring without imposing his own wants and needs on the situation, he waits for Morrie to be ready...

It's lovely to see how years of neglect and abuse can be undone by caring (and a good therapist) and it's wonderful to see Morrie becoming the boy he wants to be under the watchful eye of a caring Daddy.

This was a quick and emotional read, with a wonderful HEA and I highly recommend adding A Little Christmas: Morrie to your tbr!

Rating: 5 Stars

A Little Christmas: Morrie is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.