A Little Christmas: Blake by Wendy Rathbone

A Little Christmas: Blake features a lonely businessman and a boy that needs a Daddy to help. Eliot would love a boy to share his life, and being with Blake brings all the wishes of both men true for the holidays. 

From the blurb:

Can a Christmas miracle make Blake’s secret dream come true?

Blake has no one. His boyfriend cheated on him and left without a word taking almost everything in the apartment. His boss fired him. He’s behind on the rent and Christmas is coming.

But there is one man, Eliot, always impeccably dressed, always with a nice word, who keeps running into him. Blake knows him as a regular at the diner where he used to work. The man was a great tipper.

Eliot asks him out. Blake accepts. When his date shows up in a gleaming Rolls Royce to pick him up and Blake is wearing only his best jeans and an old sweater, shivering in the new falling snow, he realizes Eliot is way out of his league.

He can’t possibly go on this date now. He’s not good enough. Worse, if Eliot were to ever find out his secret, that Blake has a little side and an impossible dream to one day call a lover “daddy” and not get smacked or laughed at for it, Eliot would probably never want to see him again.

But it’s Christmastime, and Eliot is a surprisingly persuasive guy, not to mention full of his own sweet secrets. This is the time of year when things have a way of working out, but can Blake let down his barriers long enough to see the special truth between them?

Contemporary holiday gay romance, age gap, billionaire, rescue, comfort from the cold, HEA. This is an MM daddy/little Christmas twist on The Little Princess Classic tale. Each age play romance book in this multi-author series can be read as a standalone.

SNik's Review:

art of a multi-author series (A Little Christmas!) but all are standalone stories. Daddy/boy. Age gap. Insta-love. Slow burn. Dual POV. 

Blake is struggling. He can’t pay his rent, hates his awful boss, and can’t afford to go home for the holidays, let alone afford a decent meal. Eliot is lonely and going through the motions, keeping his family’s business going, but nowadays he doesn’t spend time socializing and every day is just the same. But when Eliot decides to woo the sweet waiter who seems to need a little help, he finds that Blake really helps him too as they spend time together and happiness and joy begin to fill the holiday season. 

I really appreciated that the story focuses on Blake and Eliot as individuals in the beginning, giving them backgrounds and explanations for how their lives have become what they are currently. That Blake and Eliot find their match in being able to share a Daddy/boy relationship that really blooms to fill their hearts together. 

All their interactions were sweet and steamy, so this story was a fun holiday read.

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Heather's Review:

In the liner notes, Wendy Rathbone explains that Blake is her first Little romance... and since she usually writes PNR and MPreg, it's also my first chance to read her writing... and I am captivated...

It's got all the hallmarks of a billionaire holiday story - the struggling boy trying to make ends meet.by working at a job where he's underappreciated and underpaid and the handsome customer who has been enchanted by him for a while...  and the sudden changes in Blake's circumstances that mean Eliot gets the chance to intervene... and start something more....

While the story is a little light on the D/s elements you often find in a Daddy/Little story, the relationship, the steam and the dynamic are all present, the characters are well developed individually and together and this was a real pleasure to read!  

I hope Wendy continues to write Little stories in the future - I'll be watching for them

Rating: 5 Stars

A Little Christmas: Blake is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.