Latest 5 Star Tiktok Round Up

 It's another chance to make sure you've added all of our #5Star Reads to your TBR - this time we're highlighting books from June 8th through the first part of June 10th:

@mmromancereviewed Amazing #5star #mmromance #books to add to your #tbr #booktok #bookrecommendations featuring authors @ryan2josh @emdenning @adellisauthor @jaxstuartauthor @authorwillowthomas @kc_carmine @authorbharmony @alexisjamesauthor @authorbeccasteele @authoremlindsey and Lily Mayne and Narrators @nickjrussovoice & Michael Dean #fyp #foryoupage #bookworm #queerbooktok #bookrecommendations ♬ House of Memories - Panic! At The Disco

Here are the links to the individual reviews:

Ice Devils Audio


Jett & Leighton

Take Shelter With Me

It's Truth for Love


The Flower Arrangement

Just Enough

Heal Me


Like Water Catching Fire Audio

Forgotten Vows