Class 21/22 Giveaway: Unexpected (Caught Off Guard #1.5) by Willow Thomas

The Class 21/22 Giveaway on Prolific Works is offering 20 FREE stories from authors that have published for the first time in either 2021 or 2022.

Each of these 20k or fewer novellas are able to be read as a standalone, but you might find a new author that you love and want to check out their backlist!

Our review team is checking out a few of them and letting you know their thoughts. The link to the giveaway will be below.

Jacquie read and reviewed Unexpected by Willow Thomas.

From the blurb:


Going to a hockey game to ogle the hot players, the last thing I expect is to fall for one.


I can’t be falling for the hockey hottie already.

Can I?


A cute soccer star stumbling onto my lap makes up for being benched.

We just met.

I shouldn’t want to keep him.

But I do.

Meet cute, jock/jock, insta love, low angst, HEA guaranteed.

Jacquie's Review:

This made me smile the whole time.

It's short, sweet, steamy and a little sassy and I had a great time reading it. Even the next day I'm smiling thinking about it. It just had a great vibe.

The whole story moves really quickly, through an utterly adorable meet-cute to a boyfriends declaration, but I liked that about it and it fit the characters.

I especially liked the epilogue years down the line.

Can absolutely be read as a standalone since I haven't read book 1, but this really made me want to.

Rating: 5 Stars

You can still get Unexpected free, just follow this link and sign up for Willow Thomas' newsletter!