Feral (Wicked Nights At Lair Book 1) by Mia Monroe

Feral is the first in a new series, Wicked Nights at Lair, a spinoff from the Immortal Assassins series. Featuring fated mates, and an overprotective vampire with murderous tendencies, it's steamy and low angst.

From the blurb:

He’s danger and desire wrapped up in one person. I’m not into guys, but I can’t stay away.   

I came to New Onyx seeking opportunity and experiences, trading in my small town existence for a big city one. I never expected to stumble upon a place like Lair, a nightclub that captures all of life’s hedonistic pleasures. Working there is…interesting, and I’m learning that there’s so much more to the world than I ever knew.

Meeting Hale, the charismatic, alluring man with a wild streak, leads me down a path of self-discovery, desire, and a hint of danger I never thought possible. I’ve never had feelings for a man before, but there’s something undeniable about the stoic man. He’s possessive and overbearing, but somehow, those qualities intrigue me.

When faced with a problem that threatens all that I hold dear, it’s Hale I lean on to get me through it. He helps unleash a side of me I didn’t know existed, leading me down a path of discovery that turns my life on its head. With Hale by my side, things are about to get Feral.

Feral is book one in Wicked Nights at Lair, an Immortal Assassins spin-off series. You can expect a hunky farm boy with a heart of gold in the big city, a wounded vampire doing his best to be civilized, a city full of bad guys who need to learn a lesson, a steamy nightclub setting with a touch of k*nk, fated mates, bisexual awakening, family ties, cameo appearances, tons of heat, and two men embracing their feral sides.

Nedra's Review:

Where have all these authors been hiding?? The past four books have been new authors for me and every one has had exceptional storylines with just the right amount of extracurricular touches. Mia definitely did not disappoint with this one either, and there really wasn’t an over abundance of vampires, which normally happens. But, the storyline is what caught my attention. There was depth in this story, there was purpose, excitement, lust and banter! Oh, and one hell of a scene towards the end!

Yanni, first off, I absolutely love the name choice! I have never felt a character connect with a name like he did. And what better of a match than Hale?! Initially, he kind of gives off old man vibes but the longer him and Yanni are around each other, he loosens up and we meet his true identity. Mia takes us through the process of getting to know each other, and apparently Yanni is very open minded! Their connection was instantaneous and could be felt through the pages, no force and completely organic! I absolutely loved their story!

I am kind of hoping Dimi and Rhett hit it off, especially since Rhett is so against finding the one. Fate is funny like that sometimes.

Molly Otto's Review:

Always appreciate a fated mates story with no relationship drama, and Mia does just that with her new spin-off series Wicked Nights at Lair. The Lair is the nightclub owned by the vampires of her Immortal Assassins series. This is the workers' stories. Yannis has an innocence about him that I found believable from where and how he was brought up; and doesn't really have a big bi freak out cause his little brother Dimi and him have had open communication that made this easier to accept. We met Hale in Always Eros. It's not necessary to read that first, but it does give you a better understanding of Hale and some of what he's been through. Mia kept with the feel of the previous series where yes their is violence but only to those who deserve it, so that's okay. I am looking forward to seeing who is up next from Lair to find their mate.

Rogue's Review:

- paranormal
- vampires
- fated mates
- bi-awakening
- low angst

This is the first in a new series, which is a spin-off from the previous Immortal Assassins series. Hale appeared briefly in the previous series but Yannis is a new character completely. Hale is a vampire, and Yannis a mortal with no idea the supernatural world exists. Yannis pitches up in New Onyx and is drawn towards the supernatural nightclub where Hale works. I liked both Hale and Yannis, although Yannis hasn't been with a man before, he's very open to it and there's zero angst when he finds himself attracted to Hale. He's also very accepting of the supernatural world, and Hale's real nature when he finds out what he is.

As it's a fated mates story, things move very quickly between the two, not quite instant but almost. As I've read the previous series, I knew what to expect and I love how Hale and Yannis were together, and how protective Hale was of his mate and family. There's also some great found family with Yves and the rest of the Orpheus boys making appearances too. Great start to a new series.

Heather's Review:

Yay, more vampires from Mia Monroe!  I was so sad that the Immortal Assassins stories wrapped up, but pleased that we're getting stories from Lair and so many of the side character vampires whose personalities shone in the previous series...now if only we could get a crossover with the Eaton Falls sides... hmm???

But I digress, Feral is another Fated Mates story that brings a human into the Feral orbit, which also brings a new round of trouble to the New Onyx vampires... and I am here for all the delicious steam, and the inevitable clash between good and evil.  I love that Hale just takes everything in stride and chalks so much up to not being aware because he grew up in a small town, not that everything going on around him is supernatural and unique...

We get great cameos from the Orpheus brothers and their mates, who are helpful in giving Hale insight into what he's in for...

I can't wait to see what happens next and which other characters will be featured in this series!  I am particularly hopeful for something with Hale's younger brother....

Feral is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription