#TeaserTuesday - Stubborn Boys by KM Neuhold

Getting to read an ARC of Stubborn Boys (Perfect Boys Book 3) for Friday's release is my reward for getting all my ARCs done early this week, because it's my last one... and now that I've seen this excerpt, I'm cutting out all the extras like sleep so I can get to it ASAP!

Let's start with what we already know - the blurb:

Alden has always liked a challenge, and what could be more difficult than not one, but two stubborn boys?

Five years ago the military returned me home short one leg with scars covering one side of my body. I learned to live with it, I built a new life for myself, and I found a way to love the new body I was given… there’s just one thing I can’t accept.

I have no right to want someone as vibrant and beautiful as Nolan, not when a very vital part of my anatomy doesn’t want to work anymore. What use would a man like that be to him?

Alden can’t seem to stop meddling between the two of us, and I hate to admit it, but there’s something about him that manages to fix what’s broken in me.

Has anyone else ever developed a Daddy kink after getting blown to smithereens, or is it just me?

More importantly, are the three of us going to be able to find a way to fit together?

And now are you ready for more?  Here's a Steamy Excerpt:

I put a hand on Gannon’s back as I lead them out, snagging Nolan by the arm and dragging him close so I can whisper in his ear.

“I want you in the backseat with Gannon on the drive home. Can you be a good boy and give him the attention he deserves? Play with that lovely cock of his.”

His breath catches, and he nods rapidly. “Good Pet.” I kiss the shell of his ear, and he shivers.

“What are you whispering about?” Gannon eyes us suspiciously as we step outside and onto the sidewalk. I steer them toward my car, giving him a wicked smile.

“Nothing for you to worry about.”

When we reach my car, I open the back door and gesture for them both to get in. Gannon slides in first and Nolan practically dives in after him. I chuckle at his enthusiasm, watching for a moment as he immediately surprises Gannon with a forceful kiss. My cock thickens as I watch their tongues tangle, muffled sounds coming from both of them.


I manage to tear myself away from the sight and get into the front seat.

The short drive home is the sweetest torture I’ve ever contrived for myself. They steam up the windows with their heavy, panted breaths. The sloppy, wet sound of kissing and stifled moans reverberate through me, making my cock throb, hot and heavy, trapped against my leg. The whirring of Gannon’s zipper being undone makes me bite back a groan of my own.

When I reach a stoplight, I glance in the rearview mirror to see Nolan’s hand wrapped around Gannon’s exposed cock, coaxing it to harden with each stroke. I reach down, pressing my hand against my erection, feeling it pulse against my hand as I give myself a quick squeeze.

Nolan’s eyes meet mine in the mirror and he gives me a dirty smirk, stroking Gannon a little faster. Gannon spreads his legs and lets his head fall back against the headrest.

Someone behind me honks, alerting me that the light has changed. I pry my hand off my cock and gun it the rest of the way home. When I put the car into park, I glance into the backseat again, but this time, instead of finding Nolan doing as he’s told, the two of them are whispering to each other between kisses on the ear and neck.

“Are you boys conspiring against me?” I ask playfully.

They manage matching, impish smiles. “Maybe,” Gannon admits.

“You know, just because you have me outnumbered doesn’t change the fact that I’m in charge,” I remind them.

Again, I wait for them—or, more accurately, Nolan—to protest that statement. Neither of them does. They both look at me expectantly, still breathing heavily, their mouths damp and swollen from kissing. Gannon’s cock is still out of his pants, a little more than half-hard, dark with the blood filling it.

He squirms under my gaze. “Daddy,” he murmurs with breathless impatience.

That word on his lips sends another spike of heat through me, making my cock jerk.

“Why don’t we go inside,” I suggest, unbuckling and getting out of the car. The two of them stumble out of the backseat together—lust-drunk as Gannon tucks his cock away, not bothering to zip his pants—and follow me up the steps to the house.

Stubborn Boys is currently available for pre-order and will also be available for Kindle Unlimited download on Friday, November 12th!  In the meantime you can check out the other two Perfect Boys Books - Pretty Boy and Brave Boy!