Dateless (Squad Goals Book 3) by Willow Thomas

Dateless is book three of the Squad Goals series from willow thomae. Be ready for a low angst feel good book with a group of meddling cheerleaders finding their hea.

From the blurb:

The Cheerleader and The Frat Boy


On paper, I have everything going for me.   

I am a flier on the FVU cheerleading team. I’m getting a degree so I can become a kindergarten teacher. I have amazing friends and the best brothers.

Yet, with men, I am totally inexperienced.

Kisses…yes. Anything else…nope.

A stupid incident lands me in hot water with the president of the Kappa Frat house. Corey Howe is rightly feared across campus. Students and staff members have been expelled for crossing him. He gives me an ultimatum; do whatever he says, or he goes to the Dean and I lose my scholarship.

It’s hardly surprising what I choose.

Spending so much time with a guy who shows his disdain for me should be a nightmare, but the glimpses I see of the person behind the facade draw me in.

I’m in serious trouble…and I think I like it.


I may have a trust fund, but I hate entitlement.

When I became the president of the Kappa, I swore I would turn it from being an old boy’s club, to a frat where anyone can thrive.

It’s given me a reputation for being an asshole, which I wear like a suit of armor. People don’t bother you if they think you’re going to ruin them.

Luke Green didn’t get the memo.

Instead of ratting him out, I choose an unorthodox approach. Yet despite every chore and task I throw at him, Luke never loses his smile. He does everything with so much enthusiasm I want to throw him over my shoulder and see if he gives the same amount of energy in my bed.

That’s never going to happen…
…until it does.

Molly Otto's Review:

These two are just so dang cute together. Luke makes a tiny mistake or tee peeing the wrong house, but that's OK it brings him into the orbit of Corey. Corey judges Luke before even knowing him cause yeah Luke did something stupid. When they actually talk, they see the real person behind the persona's and just click together. One of those books that will just have you smiling from start to finish. These cheer boys are just the best supportive friends even if they may be a little too into each other businesses. Perry is next, finally! I can't wait to see who gets paired with my favorite feisty cheerleader!

Dateless is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription