Suite Dreams, (Destination Daddies Season 2) by Jacki James

"I have been itching for a story about Gabe since I read the first book in the Blue Collar Daddies series and I was so excited when I saw he was finally getting his own book!" Reds Book Reads on Suite Dreams

From the blurb:

All bets are off when a wealthy silver fox meets a small town cowboy.

Raffie Mills has loved horses his whole life, and he loves his job at the Blue Bird Ranch training horses. Sure it would be easier for him to find the Daddy of his dreams if he lived somewhere other than the small West Texas town of River Gorge, but he can’t imagine living anywhere else.

But when he wins a trip to Las Vegas for a Daddy weekend from the Cuffd dating app he jumps at the chance to spend a weekend in a big city.

After losing his husband, widower Gabriel Johnson never thought he would be ready to love again, but when he takes a trip to Vegas to blow off some steam, he meets a boy who makes him rethink everything he thought he knew about what he wants.

Reds Book Reads Review:

I have read all of the Blue Collar series but haven’t really started on River Gorge yet and I have to say, it doesn’t really spoil the reading of this book at all. If anything, it makes me more intrigued to start on that series next! 

I loved the relationship between the two men and how Raffie and Gabe were so open about everything. This was super low angst and really sweet which is definitely what you come to expect from the Destination Daddies series. Suite Dreams was just amazing and I loved every minute of it. The two men are super sweet without being over the top and there is plenty of cuteness as well.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

I love it when things come together in a serendipitous way - and the fact that Gabe didn't fit into the Blue Collar Daddies world and Raffie hadn't gotten a HEA in the Blue Bird Ranch series, but really wanted a daddy...  they got to meet at a Cuffd event because one of my favourite authors of Daddy romance got invited to write a Destination Daddies story... well it's just one big HEA!

The reluctant daddy who might not be a daddy and the boy who knows he wants something, but knows it's not exactly what the boys on the ranch have... add in Las Vegas and you have magic!  I devoured this book in one sitting and it was magic!  Pacing, characters, sweetness, steam, a little bit of a communication gap and a HEA, Suite Dreams is the perfect way to start your weekend!

Rating: 5 Stars

Suite Dreams is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription