Warwick by Kelly Fox

Warwick closes the chapter on the Rebel Sky Ranch offering us a chance to give three more RSR men their HEA and also giving us a sneak peek into spin off stories...

From the blurb:

I understand that sleeping with the boss is a bad idea.

To be fair, I was already sleeping with my co-worker.

And yeah, we all live in the same bunkhouse on a ranch in the middle of the Central Texas Hill Country, but we’re professionals. We can handle it.

Besides, I’ve made it pretty darn clear that I am in no way a relationship guy.

Am I trying to hide a mountain of pain after losing the unrequited love of my life? Sure…but we don’t say that part out loud.

I’m just trying to figure out who gave Joaquin and Colt permission to go off and start something on their own. I thought our boss / co-worker arrangement was pretty good, especially after that impromptu three-way.

But now they’re excluding me.

It almost feels like they’re trying to make me jealous. Not that I’m jealous, or whatever.

Besides, I could never love someone as much as I loved RenĂ©e. There isn’t a single person in the world who could take her place.


Is it possible that I need two people to show me how to love again?

Heather's Review:

There's a delicate balance to writing an MMM romance and Kelly Fox struck just the right balance when she brought together Warwick, Colt and Joaquin... 

Warwick is a story of making room in your heart for more, of second chances, of finding compersion out of jealousy and it's super steamy along the way!  I love that not everyone comes to the table at the same time, that there's no insta-love between Joaquin and Colt and that there is a chance to build partner relationships independently from the polycule...

It was also a chance to catch up with the rest of the men from the Rebel Sky Ranch series and that blends seamlessly into the story, along with some tantalizing tidbits for future stories set in the same universe, but not directly tied to the ranch.

While you could read Warwick as standalone if you are just looking for a MMM polyamory story with hot cowboys and a boss/employee dynamic, you'll get so much more out of it if you know the back story and meet the rest of the RSR guys too (plus all the RSR books are hot!)

Rating: 5 Stars

Warwick is currently available in e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription