Bold Beginning by TH Compton (Built For You book 0.5) 5 Stars

 T.H. Compton is a tease...yep, I said it.  I finally got the chance to tackle some of my personal TBR this weekend and started with Bold Beginning, both because I loved Beautifully Built and also because I knew it was a short, so I could read it guilt free... 

From the Author:

A clumsy collision at a coffee shop leads to Devon asking Samuel out. Can Samuel open up enough to take to his first shot at love in years? Opposites lead to more than just attraction in Bold Beginning.

Bold Beginning is a short MM age gap romance featuring a gentle giant and a smooth talking second hand shopper.

My review:

I need more!!! Devon and Samuel need a longer story - we got to the first good part and got hints of greatness and it was over!  How can I have a book hangover after only a few chapters...  Taylor - you are a complete tease!  Now I have to go back and read
Beautifully Built
again for glimpses of Samuel and Devon!

Everyone go read Bold Beginning and then let me know if you agree with me!!!