Wrap Me Up (Santa's Naughty Workshop Book 2) by Morgan Lysand

Wrap Me Up is a cute story about two North Pole elves who work in different workshops. 

From the blurb:

Tinsel Glitz doesn’t let anyone dull his sparkle. He chose that name for a reason. He happily works leather in Santa’s Naughty Workshop. But something’s missing. Last Christmas, he thought he and Noel had a good connection when they helped throw a housing fundraiser. However, once the celebration ended, so did their budding friendship for reasons Tinsel still doesn’t understand.

Noel Treetopper doesn’t feel worthy of someone as amazing as Tinsel. The sparkly elf is perfect, and Noel is just… Noel. Being a gift wrapper in Santa’s Nice Workshop means he’s drowning in glitz and pretties all day when all he can think about is the shiny elf he wishes he had the guts to talk to again.

When Noel draws Tinsel’s name in the first annual Naughty and Nice Gift Exchange program, he hopes he can shower Tinsel in enough meaningful gifts to gain forgiveness for breaking the elf’s heart the year before.

Wrap Me Up is book 2 of Santa’s Naughty workshop. It’s a fluffy spicy MM Christmas romance featuring a second chance at love, a gift exchange, an elf with a love for leather, and strap-ons of the fantasy variety.

Angel's Review:

I was excited to read this as soon as Morgan had announced it! I really enjoy holiday stories, and this one was so good! 

Tinsel and Noel's characters were well written and were so adorable! I adored the aspect of them exchanging gifts with each other, especially because each gift was a meaningful one. It wasn't just a 'regular' item. Each and every gift meant something to both men, which I really liked. 

I thought the book itself was good, filled with festive cheer. Tinsel's determination to win the Workshop competition was so playful and done well! I liked that these two went out on dates with each other, and how Noel made sure Tinsel took breaks from his work to recuperate. 

All in all, a really short, sweet, and spicy Christmas story! (There may be a tentacle involved...) 

Rating: 4 Stars

Wrap Me Up is available to buy as an ebook, paperback, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.