Various Intentions by AE Lister

Various Intentions is the third and final book in the Persuasions Series by AE Lister and truly brings Nic, Vincent and Matteo's story to a fitting finale.  Best read in order, the good news is that the entire series is now available in Kindle Unlimited!

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From the blurb:

When best-laid-plans fall apart, all you can do is pick up the pieces—and host a gallery exhibit.

Nic Walker and Vincent Blake lead charmed lives—or so thinks their neglected friend Juno. But when Juno's plans come crumbling down, it's their boyfriend Charles who reaches out to get Nic to help. Nic, Vincent, Matteo and even Taylor are there with solid plans for assistance, including an emergency art exhibit called Electric Dreams.

Amid an unexpected revelation about Matteo's past, a surprising romantic development in Daphne's life and a personal challenge of Nic's, the gang comes together to help their friends and demonstrate what real loyalty looks like. Nobody ever said life was easy, but sometimes a challenge can bring out the best in people—and remind you of the true meaning of friendship.

Heather's Review:

Various Intentions brings the story of Nic, Vincent and Matteo to a fitting finale where the reader can imagine kinky domestic bliss for years to come... told from Nic's POV, the entire series has been an adventure in kink exploration and broadening the main character's horizons... this time while helping their friends to rebuild Juno's artistic fortunes...

This book, more than the others focussed on relationships and interpersonal communication more than just the kink dynamics and also introduced a few new side characters...

As taken as I was with the unfolding story and the ultimate wrap up of the series, I would have liked more direct kink scenes between the three main characters and I definitely think that Taylor deserves a spin-off story, whether it's a novella or full length novel - I'd love to see what kinks he and his partner(s) explore after being exposed to the various characters in this series!  

Rating: 4.5 Stars

As I said before, the entire series is now available in Kindle Unlimited, and Various Intentions is also available in paperback.  Check out the release blitz by clicking on the graphic below: