Various Distractions by AE Lister

If you need more convincing before picking up Various Distractions, check out my link at the end of the review to a Teaser Tuesday from a couple of weeks ago where AE Lister shared a delicious excerpt from chapter six of Various Distractions!

From the Blurb:

When life is perfect, you know it’s gonna throw you a curveball…or four.

Nic and Vincent have been riding the high of a new romantic relationship that works so well they are on the verge of officially moving in together—but then the distractions begin. Their friend Daphne needs a temporary dungeon space, and Nic’s basement seems the perfect solution. Vincent’s gay seventeen-year-old cousin, Taylor, needs a safe refuge from his uber-religious parents. When Vincent suffers an unexpected injury, Nic asks Daphne to suggest someone to help with domestic duties around the house.

These combined circumstances lead to a less-than-ideal home life for Vincent and Nic, who struggle to find alone time. But life has a way of giving people what they need, and the arrival of Matteo to help with chores around the house sets into motion an opportunity the three must decide to follow to its logical conclusion or abandon in order to maintain the emotional safety of all the participants.

Heather's Review:

Various Distractions is the second book in the Persuasions series and should be read as a follow up to Various Persuasions, as it follows the same characters, Nic and Vincent.  I love that this book takes a deeper and broader look at how Nic and Vincent interact in both their BDSM and their romantic relationships...

Of course, life interferes and they can't stay in their bubble - Daphne's use of the basement dungeon, Taylor needing to move in and Matteo's introduction give AE Lister fodder for both humour and character exploration.   We learn more about each character's motivations and of course the scenes are steamy and filled with trust and development.

I especially like the way Nic continues to be portrayed and how he interacts with Matteo.  Vincent grows so much in this book, both in confidence and into his proclivities...  This book takes their relationship deeper and lets them explore MMM scenes and also really explores the dynamic of control... 

Once you read Various Persuasions, you'll feel that you need to read Various Distractions immediately and you won't be disappointed when you do!

If I haven't convinced you to pick up the Persuasion Series yet, read my review of Various Persuasions and then check out the excerpt from Various Distractions.