Using Smashwords to find MM Romance and Erotica part II - search suggestion

 A question came up today in Odessa Hywell's group about navigating Smashwords to find specific types of books and I realized that I hadn't shared my search secrets in Smashwords... so here's what I do:

Start with an Author or a Book Title...

I personally find the categories on the sidebar a little difficult and sometimes unwieldy, so I pick an author and a book that I already know and fits with what I want to search

So let's pick Odessa as our example

Then I pick a book that I want to read similar tropes or characters of:

and then I scroll down and find either the categories (broad) or the tags (more specific)

and off I go searching for dark gay romance or taboo mm romance or any of the other great options!

The blog makes a small affiliate rate if you use our link (the money goes back to supporting authors and purchasing smashwords ebook copies for review on the blog.

PS - if you need help creating your account or making sure All Erotica is on, check out the first tutorial:


  1. This is a great tip! Thanks

  2. Smashwords is hard to search on but this makes it easier. Thank you


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