Using Smashwords to Find MM Romance and Erotica

One of my fellow readers asked for some tips and tricks to using Smashwords as a reader today, so I'm putting together this quick tutorial to get your started!

Smashwords is a book publishing site that allows readers to purchase and review content in a wide range of genres and styles.  It's popular with indie authors, but you will also find traditionally published books there if they are in wide distribution or (in the case of why I use Smashwords) too hot for 'Zon!

As a reader, Smashwords accounts are free and easy to set up.  When you visit the site, just click on the top left corner where it says Sign In:

You will have to enter some basic info - nothing too strenuous:

Then check your email to complete your registration - no payment info is required for this step!

Now the fun begins...

But wait... you're not seeing the really fun erotic or taboo books you've been promised?  One more step...

At that same top left of the page, you'll need to click on it and go to Manage Account

Once you're there, scroll down to the bottom of the page to where it says Erotica Controls...

The Default setting is Exclude Erotica - which means the juicy stuff is not going to show up in your searches... 

If you're like me and want all the taboo goodness, you're going to want to pick door number 3, include All Erotica, but if you don't, you can just add Mainstream Erotica....

You can also set up a profile, change other settings and generally poke around, but really... your next step is to search for an author and find the sweet or spicy read you've been waiting for!  The search box is right there at the top left of the page along with a help section and your handy shopping cart... because it's like shopping at Target or Costco, once you get in there, you'll find that you can't stop at just the book you came in for... more will magically jump into your cart...

Check out is straightforward too!  I was good and just searched for a book I knew was on my wishlist - The Daddy Upgrade by Chara Croft and added it to my Shopping Cart:

Once I hit Checkout, this is the first screen I see...

I picked Paypal and confirmed my location for taxation purposes:

Then I had a chance to go back and double check my purchase and hit Finish to complete my transaction:

Success!  And at a great price! 

Next, I visited my library to see the books that have been purchased or gifted to me on this account (and yes I have more than one Smashwords account because I'm special...)

My new purchase is there and ready to read!  When I click on the title I have the option to download the epub or email it to myself:

I usually email it so I can forward it to my kindle to read on... that's super simple to do as long as you've set yourself up as a Safe Sender on your own kindle account - let me know in the comments if you need a tutorial on that too...

And now, I can add this book to my TBR and hopefully read it ASAP!

I do earn a small affiliate fee if you visit Smashwords using my link:

Great books to search on Smashwords:

Raquel Riley's Son of A Sinner
Chara Croft's Pretty Things
Honey London's Call Me Daddy
Elouise East's When Fantasies Collide

Comment below with what you get from Smashwords and if it's MM Romance or Erotica, I'll add it to the list!