Samuel, Earl of Crofton by Rebecca Cohen

Following the same timeline as his father's book, Samuel, Earl of Crofton is a regency romance that gives us a second chance romance, intrigue and 

From the blurb:

Only the selected few get to attend the special evenings hosted by Samuel Redbourn, 9th Earl of Crofton, the Hellcat of the Ton.

Despite his reputation, Samuel is not the man everyone thinks he is. He has lost a lot in his young life, and after recovering from his addiction to laudanum, it’s time to make the Ton take notice. There’s one thing he wants above all, Hugo, the only man he’s ever loved. But Hugo Cavalier was sent away by his father after he was caught in bed with Samuel, and when he returns to England several years later, there is no guarantee they can rekindle what they once had.

Historical gay Regency romance. A standalone novel in the Crofton Universe.

Please note: contains scene of period drug use, addiction, and recovery.

Heather's Review:

I knew the events and the order of them from reading Charles' book, but we get to see Samuel's thoughts and feelings as he lives through the same timeframe as his father's life takes unusual turns and throws him into the position of Earl long before he thought he'd be...  

I love that Samuel's book lets him break free from the obligations of society and his time and reconnect with the man who held his heart from the start...  

It's not an easy book to read and you feel Samuel's emotions throughout, even as he descends into a laudanum addiction and has to face the recovery...  you watch what the outside world thinks and what really lies beneath the surface.

I also love getting to see the mayhem and mischief from another perspective!  You could read this book as standalone, but whether you read it before Charles or after, you'll want to read both books to see the whole steamy and convoluted picture!

Rating: 5 Stars  

Samuel, Earl of Crofton is available in paperback and e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.