Three by Helen Juliet

Jacquie says, "If you enjoyed Golden by the same author, then you will love Three."

From the blurb:

All good things come in threes…

When three shy best friends sign up to a dating app to finally get some by the end of the year, they don’t expect to all fall for the same gorgeous, slightly scary-looking older man. The only solution? Let him choose who he wants to bed. Except he doesn’t…

Jacob didn’t become a billionaire before hitting thirty-five by making compromises. What he wants, he gets. So why should he choose between these adorable, delectable morsels when he can devour all three of them? Instead, he tells them to decide on an order, and then he’ll spoil each of them one after the other in a way they’ll never forget.

Will one night each be enough, though? And can that really be all they need to fall in love?

Three is a super steamy, standalone MMMM gay romance novel featuring a Daddy wolf ready to huff and puff his way into three hearts, no matter what, and a guaranteed HEA with absolutely no cliffhanger.

Jacquie's Review:

As a contemporary fairytale retelling with daddy kink, Three is utterly charming.

Each of the boys, or piggies (the pig stuffies were an adorable touch), have a defined personality and needs of their own.

Jacob, the wolf, is loaded and lonely, always finding sugar babies that just want him for his money. He fairly gets to test his daddy skills with the boys and even makes mistakes, which I found endearing.

Balancing a harem can be difficult but each boy gets their alone time with daddy and Jacob works hard to make it special.

Just so cute, steamy and a lot of fun.

I found myself emotionally invested in the characters and the HEA was perfect.

Rating: 5 Stars

Heather's Review:

Three was absolutely adorable!  For a steamy MMMM romance you got all the sweet feels without it being overly sappy, but you also got all the spice! 

I love the attention to detail with the Wolf and his Piggies - the different houses made of 'sticks', 'logs' and stone... the distinctly different but compatible types of boys and of course the grumpy wolf who fell for them all...

I love the balance between individual needs and the harem concept and how Helen Juliet was able to stay true to a concept from beginning to end...

Whether you've enjoyed the other Fairytale retellings from Helen Juliet or not, if you like a steamy MMMM romance with an instant connection, a daddy wolf and three sweet little piggies, you'll definitely want to add Three to your tbr!

Autumn's Review:

Three little piggies and the big bad wolf......but better. 

I loved this book. The three subs were each different in their own way, yet they loved one another so much. Their love was off the charts. Then comes in Daddy Wolf....who knew how to woo each boy the way they needed it.

It was adorable with a hint of angst. Perfect combo for a great book.

Rating: 4 Stars

Nicole's Review:

Three is a loose retelling of the three little pigs story, but the Wolf Daddy is anything but bad. "This was my first book by Helen Juliet, and I will definitely be going back to read her other fairytale reimagining's!  I absolutely loved the dynamic between Luke, Sam and Callum. I was pleasantly surprised with how they were able to advance their relationship with each other while also exploring with Jacob.

Based on the cover I expected the story to have a more BDSM base then what was presented.  There is almost no angst or struggle in this story, other then the past mentioned in the trigger warnings, and that created by Daddy himself.

There was an insta-love feel to this story, and I wish it had taken a little longer for those feelings to emerge between the Piggies and their Daddy. All in all this was a great quick and fluffy read, that isn't nearly as dark as I was expecting.