Graced by the Cat (Once Upon a Time) by Geneva Holt

Graced by the Cat is a creative and imaginative rewriting of a lesser known fairytale The White Cat. A story that follows the acquisition of rare items and the fulfilment of wishes. Teaching of a life lesson between need and want.

From the blurb:

All Jesse's dreams depend on a little white cat.

Jesse's supposed to be on a plane, earning money and revenge on his parents. Instead he's lost in the Alps, about to drown in a storm—a definitive way to fail at one of the world's most selective jobs.

The beautiful man stumbling into his castle gives Max painful hope he can finally break the curse that keeps him a helpless cat. In return, Max showers him with gifts: luxuries, even the keys to the world, and sensual dreams beyond imagining. But soon, dreams aren't enough. Jesse wants more. So does Max.

As they dive deeper into Jesse's missions for the mysterious Exclusive Acquisitions Inc., they'll guide each other through a world of hope and desire, magic and love.

Graced by the Cat is an M/M reimagining of the fairytale The White Cat, a non-shifter modern fairytale romance launching the EA Inc. series.

Wlf_forest's review:

It begins with the MC being lost and finding refuge in a castle whilst searching for a rare item. Finding that the host of the castle is a man cursed into the body of a cat who aims to fulfil wishes in order to break his curse.

A slow burn with intrigue and having MCs find their way to happiness with different goals in mind which eventually becomes a common goal as the story continues. I love the side characters who live within the walls of the castle as well as the different places the MCs travel to whilst on quests as set out by EAI.
The relationship between the MCs took awhile to develop beyond the Cat wanting to end his curse and fulfilling Jesse’s quests. The self sacrifice by Max tugged at the heart strings but all ends well.

Graced by the Cat is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription