The Flower Arrangement (Pursuit of Love) by K.C. Carmine; Narrated by Freddie Wills

The Flower Arrangementis a low angst high heat novella of two men realizing they have the same feelings and exploring that passion.

From the blurb:

Flirting by means of flower bouquets doesn’t guarantee success, and Brendan learns that the hard way.

Heartbroken after a bitter divorce, Brendan finds solace in running his beloved flower shop. His vow to think twice before jumping into a new relationship becomes hard to keep when he meets Hugh, a flamboyant hairstylist with skilful hands and a cheeky smile.

Hugh has finally succeeded in opening his own salon, but the glow of his success is overshadowed by not having anyone to celebrate it with. When brawny, six-foot-three Brendan appears on his doorstep with a bouquet of exquisite flowers, Hugh is tempted to break his no-dating-clients rule. Their Friendship blooms fast, and Hugh resigns himself to another straight-boy crush.

One kiss changes everything though. Hugh’s world is set on fire, and even if Brendan gets cold feet, Hugh isn’t about to let go of what could be love.

A story of second chances, idiots in love, and steamy jacuzzi scenes.

The Flower Arrangement includes: a sunshine hairdresser, a big bear florist, pining, friends to lovers, steamy bathtub scenes, hidden piercing. Descriptive love scenes and high spice are the majority of the book! You've been warned ;)

Molly Otto's review:

This was my first audiobook narrated by Freddie Wills and if he stays as commanding as in this one it will not be my last. He is British so some may need to turn the speed down, but I found it very easy to understand.

It was a fun and quick hot read. Hugh & Brendan have had crushes on the other for over a year and yet don't see the other has the same feelings. When a miscommunication happens, Brendan is hurt until Hugh comes to fix the mistake. Followed by so much passion, you can't believe this happens in such a quick read. It is not only spicy but sweet as well. Well worth the listen.

The Flower Arrangement is currently available as an audiobook, e-book and paperback, and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription