Silent Partner (Fox Hollow Zodiac Book 3) by Morgan Brice

A psychic moose shifter and a human who's thoughts can't be read, meet in a surprising way. All the small town feels, with a found family that is beyond supportive.

From the Silent Partner blurb:

A psychic moose shifter. A handsome guy who is psychically silent. The chance for a fresh start, and a threat from the past that might get in the way.

Brandon Davis is a psychic and a moose shifter. He makes his living as a wilderness guide in Fox Hollow, NY—a town that is a haven for misfit shifters and psychics. Brandon has a profitable business, a found family of close friends, and a cozy cabin in the woods. Life is good, but he wishes he could find a special someone to share it with. Then he picks up the unmistakable scent of his fated mate--a handsome man who isn't a shifter of any kind and whose thoughts he can't read. The chemistry is undeniable, but can he fall for a silent partner?

Riley Henderson escaped a bad relationship with an ex-boyfriend he suspects is a psi-vamp. He left town and got a scholarship to the Fox Institute to explore his rare ability—his thoughts are mostly closed to being read by psychics. Getting away from his ex was worth being studied for his unusual silence as a “nil” or an “immune.” Especially since the situation comes with a stipend, an apartment, and a regular gig as a musician at one of the local hotels. Riley intends to go boy-sober until he meets a tall, dark-haired stranger with whom he has a sudden, intense connection. When he realizes Brandon is both a psychic and a shifter, Riley needs to figure out how they can overcome those differences to be together. And in the back of his mind, Riley worries—what if his ex shows up to ruin everything?

Silent Partner is a MM shifter romance filled with found family, a snarky moose, a soulful musician, sexy shifters, small town winter fun, fated mates, helpful psychics, lots of snow and a very happy ending.

Angel's review:

I haven't read a lot of books by this author before, but the ones that I have read I've enjoyed. This one I also enjoyed.

Brandon is a moose shifter who also has psychic abilities, everyone's thoughts are projected into his mind so loudly he has to focus and concentrate to tune them out. One day whilst he's at a grocery store he catches scent of his mate, and when he finds the human in a aisle of the store, he realizes he can't read Riley's thoughts at all, he's immune.

Riley loves music and enjoys performing. After breaking up with his controlling ex he flees to Fox Hollow hoping his ex won't follow, and that he can get a fresh start on his life. While he's shopping for groceries he meets a man who captures his interest right away.

I enjoyed reading this story, it wasn't too long, but also wasn't too short. The pacing was great, dialogue flowed smoothly and made sense, the background was described in great detail, and I loved the in depth explanations of both shifters and psychics, that was really cool! I haven't read any other book that has had a moose shifter so that alone made this book unique. What also made this book unique was the side characters and the magical town that is Fox Hollow. All of the characters are so lively, warm and welcoming towards Riley, and they all jump in to help when something bad happens.

Riley and Brandon's relationship developed slowly overtime they didn't rush things right away, which is something I really appreciated. I like that they got to know each other and went on dates before they exchanged 'I love yous'. I appreciated the details that were used to describe Brandon's moose form, it helped with picturing Brandon's shifter side.

Something I loved the most was the found family that the folks in Fox Hollow formed, it was so endearing to read about.

SNik's review:

Third in series (Fox Hollow Zodiac), can be read as a standalone but might be more fun if read in order. Paranormal. Fated mates. Small town. Slow burn. Found family. Dual POV. 

Being the only moose shifter in a small town could get lonely for wilderness guide Brandon, but he has a great group of friends and suddenly one day his inner moose smells his mate. Riley is trying to start fresh, escaping a bad ex, he gets a new job playing at a local hotel and has the chance to learn more about his nil psychic ability. 

This is a sweet story with Brandon hoping to make a connection with his mate, and Riley trying to trust again while undeniably attracted to Brandon. Both characters are likable and eventually we get to see how well they get along, with cute declarations and steamy scenes mixed in. There were few surprises and I would have liked to learn more about Riley’s psychic ability, but overall this was a cute read.

Silent Partner is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription