Wild Blue Yonder: A Collection of Three MM Cowboy Romance Stories by Rena Butler, Augusta Connor, Opal Moritz

Wonderfully written and heartfelt stories. Wild Blue Yonder includes The Heir and the Outlaw, You Be the Flower and Welcome to Blue Blaze Ranch.

If you're in the mood for cowboys, then this book will certainly give you some great variety!

From the blurb:

Saddle up with three all-new gay MM cowboy romances from some of the most up-and-coming queer romance writers right now. Wild Blue Yonder contains a trio of novellas inspired by the open range, and the cowboys who are frequently secretly fond of each other to be found there. From historical romance of love on the range, to outlaws on horseback, to a contemporary twist on the Omegaverse. These three novellas are full of love, sweetness, sauciness, and strapping cowpokes. Take a trip out west, and find love - under the wild blue yonder.

LCDolphin's review:

Wonderful collection of three cowboy stories including The Heir and the Outlaw, You Be the Flower and Welcome to Blue Blaze Ranch. These stories are all different (meeting during a kidnapping/gay, bi and sapphic/omegaverse), but all wonderfully written and heartfelt. Can be read as stand alones but do yourself a favour and read all three.

Miki J.'s review:

This book has three different novellas with one common theme - cowboys !! I enjoyed each story - two of them are based on historical timeframe and the third is modern with A/B/O dynamic. The authors on each story have done a great job with world building and settings of the stories. And the characters are very well written - no grand dramatics or anything, they are all low angst and sweet and about novella length, just perfect for a relaxing afternoon read. Overall, I just found them to be an entertaining read.

Wild Blue Yonder is available as an e-book