Poisonwood & Lyric: The Complete Trilogy by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

This box set brings together the complete Poisonwood & Lyric series in one volume, and also includes a previously exclusive short.  The series revolves around incubus siblings, each finding their person and Happy Ever After. 

From the blurb:

Hungry incubi, dragon hoards and dastardly plots plague Poisonwood. This set contains the full Poisonwood & Lyric trilogy as well as a Patreon exclusive spicy short.   

A starving incubus.
A bear alone.

Jasper Jones is Lyric’s most pitiful incubus. He can’t feed and doesn’t want to if it means hurting people. When a witch gives him a chance at breaking the cycle of hunger, he rushes half cocked into the woods in search of a cure.

Caleb moved into Poisonwood Forest to escape the crowded city of Lyric, but it’s lonely by himself. He doesn’t expect to find his mate when he trips over an unconscious young man in the middle of the woods, but there he is, perfect—except for a peculiar fondness for processed cookies.

Their only problem is that Jasper’s sick, and when he doesn’t get better, his one shot at survival is in the hands of a bear shifter who’ll do anything to save him.

A dragon searching for a crowning jewel for his fabulous hoard.
A misanthropic incubus who just wants to swim.

Declan might be the world’s only shut-in incubus, but with a father like Elrith, it’s little wonder his faith in people is nonexistent. He skates through life as a computer programmer, closed into his tiny apartment, only feeding by ordering sex workers to his door. But his mother was a water nymph, and occasionally, Declan can’t resist the need to sneak out and swim. This time, he’s in for a surprise.

Augustine is a water dragon who has spent years building the perfect hoard, and now there’s just one thing missing: someone to share it with. When he spots the stunning creature swimming just outside his home, he realizes the jewel he sought has come to him. But after centuries of little human contact, he’s out of touch with the meaning of the word consent. When the tempting nymph chafes his control, August can’t figure out how to win him over.

But word of August’s treasure has reached greedy ears, and all he cares for is under threat. Can a dyed-in-the-wool misanthrope teach August the true value of possession before he loses everything?

A playboy incubus in a pickle
A siren who’s lost his song

Malcolm McKittack’s life consists of the three Ps: pleasure, partying, and paranoia. Okay, maybe not usually the last one, but somebody’s been following him. He’s being hunted, doomed to be sacrificed on the altar of some old guy’s downstairs dysfunction, only no one believes him.

Kostas has never met anyone annoying as Malcolm Freaking McKittack. He comes into his club, acts like he owns the place, and worst of all, he looks good doing it. He’s trouble, and Kostas doesn’t need any. It doesn’t matter how the incubus makes eyes at him, he’s not interested.

When Kostas witnesses Malcolm being kidnapped, he knows he shouldn’t get involved—it’s probably some creepy demonic game. But playing the hero fits him like Malcolm’s bespoke suit, and it’ll take them both to stop a plot that threatens the whole supernatural world.

Poisonwood & Lyric Short Story: Jasper's Hibernation Break

Angel's Review:

Poisonwood & Lyric: the complete trilogy

Poisonwood; rating: 4
I enjoyed this story, the two MC's each had their own characteristics and details that made them stand out. I strongly dislike Jasper's family, how they treat him is awful, the only semi nice one is Sasha. I loved Caleb's character! He was so cute, and so kind. He tried to do whatever he could to help Jasper feel better, even buying him cookies he dislikes.

I thought the pacing was good, but the way the MC's relationship developed felt a bit clunky to me. They developed strong feelings for one another pretty quickly, and considering Jasper was still recovering from being poisoned it just felt a bit odd. Other than that though I found this story to be enjoyable to read! Jasper and Caleb make such a cute couple.

Wyrmwood A Poisonwood & Lyric Novella: rating; 3.5 rounding up to a 4

Augustine and Declan's story was an interesting one. This story starts with August abducting Declan and keeping him locked in his lair, he knows Declan's his mate so why wouldn't he keep him? What he doesn't understand is Declan himself doesn't know August's motives, he just thinks that the dragon sees him as an object, another pretty thing to catch and lock away. He doesn't realize what he truly means to the dragon until he leaves... But will it be too late?

I liked this story, it was certainly an interesting one to read with funny quirks and snippy remarks from Declan. Augustine's character was adorable, he thought too fast and didn't take the time to see things from Declan's point of view. Once Declan communicated with him he immediately apologized and realized where he went wrong.

I thought the story itself was good, the action scene was quite intriguing. I liked how the conflict between the MC's got resolved, and how unique both of these characters are!

Hardwood A Poisonwood & Lyric Novella;rating: 4.5

I didn't think that Malcolm's character could be redeemed but I stand corrected! I think Malcolm and Kostas's story was my favorite. In this story we got to see events take place from Malcolm's perspective, along with seeing why Malcolm is the way he is. And let me just say, he's had a lot of hurt in his life. Kostas's character was quite unique in the way that he's a siren who can lure people with his voice. It was really beautiful to see Kostas start to see the true Malcolm, the one under the snobbish attitude and fancy clothes.

From the very first story I disliked Elrith, but this story just made me hate him. What he did to his son is horrific, and I was shocked when what he did was revealed. One thing that I wish would've been apart of this story was the two MC's sharing personal things about themselves. For example; Kostas telling Malcolm about his family, and where he came from, or Malcolm telling Kostas about his mom. Something to give the feeling that they are getting to truly know one another. Other than that though I thought this was an excellent story, with an excellent character redemption!

Jasper’s Hibernation Break was a steamy short showing a glimpse into the lives of Jasper and Caleb during hibernation, and how they are keeping themselves occupied.

Poisonwood & Lyric complete collection is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription