Labyrinthian by Sunny Moraine

"I need you. I love you...... That was true. And it was its own kind of freedom."

From the Labyrinthian blurb:

[Revised and expanded edition]

There's no maze like the heart...

Interstellar bounty hunter Theseus Athenia never lets his feelings get in the way of completing a job—and he's good at his job. But when an assignment turns out to be far more complicated than he ever imagined, all the rules by which he's ever lived suddenly cease to matter.

Taur has never known life outside the facility in which he was born; now a fugitive from his shadowy creators, he's getting a crash course in survival. While in the midst of a desperate search for his siblings, he's captured by a bounty hunter and all seems lost—until the tables turn.

Thrown together by fate and fighting for their lives—and assisted by an unexpected ally—Theseus and Taur face multiple challenges: To escape the danger pursuing them, to save Taur from the lethal threat inside his own body, to reunite him with his scattered family...

...And the growing attraction between the two of them is a whole other problem.

Miki.J.'s review:

This is clearly a MM novel - don't let the cover fool you - and it's a really really good sci-fi story !!! The world building and characters are great - not over the top science speak nor heavy on technical detail. The story telling is well paced and the MC's are likeable. Taur is smart but innocent...and when you pick up on the why, it's heart-breaking. And Theseus - he's just a loveable rogue (actually reminds me of Scanlan from Vox Machina !!! bahahaha) .... and they both come to realise that what they are feeling...are well...feelings.... This story has depth with plenty of action and suspense....and does get a tad gruesome. I enjoyed the different worlds/stations they visited and details on them and the other characters. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

SNik's review:

Standalone. Science fiction. Hurt/comfort. Adversaries to allies to lovers. Found family. Dual POV. This review is of the revised and expanded edition released in 2024. 

Taur is on the run from the people that created him, trying to survive and find his lost family, he hasn’t experienced anything outside of the facility where he was raised and is fighting against time. Theseus is a successful hunter and the high bounty for Taur should have been a hint that this was no normal fugitive, once they are on the run together and he learns about Taur’s past, they agree to work together towards Taur’s freedom. 

Taur obviously drives the story as a man who hasn’t experienced life, freedom, caring, or any deeper relationships, but he is drawn to Theseus. As his counterpart, Theseus is amazingly supportive, sees goodness beyond Taur’s brutality, and is equally able to fight alongside Taur. There is plenty of action, steamy interactions, honest communication, sweet declarations of need and love, and a pretty decent world build to make this book entertaining and exciting.

Labyrinthian is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription