Fool's Errand by Ki Brightly & M.D. Gregory

Bff's forced apart. Jude and Tav are soulmates yet things don't run smooth for them. Neither can move on until an accident brings them together.

From the Fool's Errand blurb:

The Up-and-Coming Businessman

At the age of eighteen, Judah Dailey thought his relationship with Tavish would last forever, until the fateful moment when Tav walked away. Judah didn’t get an explanation for why he was abandoned, and it haunts him. He never forgave Tav for what he did, but he continued with his life and started a successful business. When Judah accidentally runs into Tav twenty years later, he can’t let him leave again without an explanation. Instead, he gives Tav a new job.

The Trailer Park Staple
Tavish Greer has lived in a run-down trailer park while wallowing in his secret heartbreak for twenty years. No matter what he does, he can’t move on. He never expects to run into Judah again—until he does, quite literally. Telling his ex-boyfriend the truth about why he left isn’t something he ever wanted to do, but Judah is desperate for answers. Worst of all, Tav has never stopped loving him.

The Second Chance
Judah and Tav have always been from two separate worlds, but they made it work in the past. They’re older now, but outside forces fight against them being together. If they want to make their relationship work, they’ll need to go to war for each other. And, most importantly, they’ll need to be totally honest about the past. Are they ready to face their demons?

Fool's Errandis a standalone novel in the New Gothenburg world.

Reed Kaye's review:

This is such a heartwarming second chance, soulmate story.

Jude had been bff’s with the maid’s son Tav since they were small children. Yet at 18 Jude finds his relationship with Tav has become so much more when circumstances change and Jude has no idea why.
Tav is sure Jude is his soulmate. Family issues cause Tav to take actions that breaks not only his heart but Jude’s as well. Currently, Tav is living in poverty but still able to help a young man mistreated by his family. Then an accident happens that brings Jude back into his life.

These two belong together that’s apparent from the beginning. The characters mostly are lovable and enjoyable, Hilton, and the warmheartedness of them shines.

I enjoyed the King’s part in this story. Really brought a different feel to the environment of the story.
The story moves right along and kept me page turning. I really enjoyed this story. I hope there will be more with them and Ellis and Hilton.

SNik's review:

Standalone. Second chance. Found family. Dual POV. 

Tavish left Judah once and stayed away, but a chance encounter reunites them and Judah refuses to let Tav go. Judah always wondered why Tav broke his heart when they were teenagers, but even after 20 years he still loved Tav and will do anything to keep him. If you had a chance to read Fool’s Gold, Tav was very much an admirable supportive character and it was great to see him get a chance again with his forever person. 

The possessive vibes were there definitely, but Judah was also 100 percent committed to having Tav in his life, and he stays true to that sentiment throughout the book and never wavers. I enjoyed the found family aspect (so glad Ellis and Hilton were kept and accepted into their family), the brief cameos from the Kings of Men MC characters, and even though Judah and Tav are much older than when they met they allowed themselves to be playful and needy with each other. I loved every moment Judah and Tav were on page together, the never forgotten feelings and the high heat chemistry definitely spanned the years they were apart.

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