Darkness by Eden Winters

Darkness needs to be balanced by light. Morrisey is a cop drowning his loneliness and despair over his life and all the horror he's seen with alcohol only to have his life upended by an FBI agent that looks like an angel but is much more than he seems.

This book grabbed a hold of me and did not let go. What a dark and thrilling adventure to go on.

From the blurb:

Darkness follows Lieutenant Morrisey James.

As an Atlanta PD detective, Morrisey understands the worst atrocities the city has to offer—or believes he does. His recent cases present something new: a killer who unleashes unbridled terror in victims before moving in for the kill. Morrisey has an edge, though, the terrifying ability to gain flashes of insight from each victim.

Most people assume Farren Austin is a shallow, pretty boy, but he’s so much more. Agent Austin keeps secrets as part of the FBI’s Alternate Entities Task Force, a unit created to monitor travelers from another realm. Although they might look human, they’re anything but.

And they’ve taken a special interest in Morrisey.

Partnered with Farren, Morrisey finds himself in the middle of demons trying to possess his body, a succubus sidekick who wants to cook him breakfast, accusations of being a powerful destructive force, and a growing number of people calling him “Darkness.” Not to mention a sudden overwhelming attraction to his new partner.

It’s going to take the mysterious Farren’s help to keep the latest case from being Morrisey’s last.

SNik's review:

Standalone. Paranormal. Coworkers. Slow burn. Dual POV.

Morrisey James uses alcohol to numb himself from all the horror he sees as a police detective, and to forget all the people he has lost in his life. When Morrisey chases down a killer and almost dies he meets Farren Austen, an FBI agent working for a specialized secret division, his life is turned upside down in more ways than one. Farren has never met anyone whose darkness matches his light, but he’s sure Morrisey will be more than just a coworker.

The main characters and world building start out strong as the story is intriguing and complex, especially the possibility of something that is meant to be between Farren and Morrisey. Both Farren and Morrisey have experienced loss in the past, and their compelling connection drives the romance side of the book. The story becomes a lot more than just solving murders and a romance, with some action and interesting side characters to round out a world changing plot line.

Angel's review:

Wow! That's what I've got to say in regards to this story... Just wow!! Eden Winters is a fairly new to me author, I have heard of her before but I haven't had the opportunity to read her work before, until now. This book absolutely blew me away! The characters, along with the storyline and plot captivated me and didn't let go. I was so engrossed in this story that I was sad when it ended, what an impeccable book.

I'll go into what I liked most.. which I'll be honest, I liked it all. The pacing was fitting for the type of story this was, it kept making you want to read more to find out what happened next, and when Morrisey and Farren would realize what they are to each other. The characters themselves were absolutely fantastic! I love how Eden created her own species of characters; she even wrote a guidebook for Morrisey telling him all the different travelers and what their abilities are, which of course we got to read, so we got a lot of backstory and information on these unique characters. The plot was thrilling, engaging, dark, and kept you guessing. As the reader I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next, I couldn't guess what was going to happen next because Eden keeps you in the dark so it's a complete surprise until it's discussed.

The level of detail that went into creating not only this story, but each individual species of Travelers, along with creating a whole separate realm outside of the one the main story takes place in, AND describing each horrific case was truly immaculate. It was like watching a really good true crime TV show with a fantasy element mixed in. Which I adored, I love true crime shows! I felt bad for Morrisey and Farren, they both have lost so much, the first chapter was heartbreaking, and then learning about how Farren lost his family as well was so sad.

I can't speak for other books Eden has written as I have not read them, however, having read this book I can tell she puts in a lot of time and effort to really describe the world and characters she's creating. She took time to build the suspense throughout the course of this book,
to develop Morrisey and Farren's relationship slowly, and she created a plot twist with Morrisey 's character that I was not prepared for but was done flawlessly.

Overall a truly remarkable story! I will note that this is a darker story with grueling details of crime scenes, and deaths of side characters. But if those things don't deter you, I will implore you to do yourself a favor and read this story!

Darkness is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription