Chasing Howe (Forging the Stars Book 1) by J.F. Miev

Chasing Howe is the start of a Science fiction duet filled with action and intrigue. Can Aiden find closure by questioning and murdering his fiancee's killer, or will the rabbit hole he's gone down turn everything he believed upside down?

From the blurb:

Aiden had everything—his dream career, a comfortable life and a fiancée he loved. But when she is murdered during a business trip to Mars, his perfect world shatters.

An investigation and a trial soon follow, and the space smuggler, Darren Howe, is quickly convicted. However, when no motive is supplied and Howe is given a life sentence instead of the death penalty, things don't add up. No matter how hard Aiden tries, the authorities refuse to explain their decision, leaving him with no choice but to seek the answers elsewhere.

Two years later, Aiden secures a job as the warden at Jupiter’s Horizons Space Prison. The plan is simple—find out the truth and kill Howe. But things get complicated when he approaches the charismatic man who awakens in him urges he hasn’t felt in years.

The truths Aiden uncovers as he fights the attraction between them will reveal secrets he might not be ready for and make him question everything he knows about the life he’s lived so far.

Chasing Howe is an enemies-to-lovers MM sci-fi romance mystery about an ex-architect who will stop at nothing until he avenges the death of his fiancée and the prisoner who will turn his world upside-down. It serves as an easy introduction to the low sci-fi genre and features hidden identities, a generous dose of mystery, high stakes, slow burn, pining, obsession and an intriguing plot. It is Book 1 in the Forging the Stars duet.

SNik's review:

First in duet (Forging the Stars). Science fiction suspense. Enemies to allies. Very slow burn. Dual POV. Cliffhanger. 

Aiden wants the truth about his fiancee’s death, and forging a new identity as a prison warden is one step closer to getting his answers and killing the man that murdered his fiancee. However, Darren is no psychopath, and even though he lusts after the new warden and they seem drawn to each other, they are both keeping deadly secrets. 

This story is a slowly unfolding mystery that turns into a large scale political intrigue, and an interesting world build that was good but could have been a little more descriptive. Aiden is admirable in his drive for the truth and once he is sucked into Darren Howe’s orbit the danger increases and they must eventually work together to survive. Definitely want to read the resolution to this overarching plot, the romance is secondary to the story, but there is a good amount of UST that underpins Aiden and Darren’s adventure.

Chasing Howe is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription