A Stealthy Situation (Franklin U 2) by Saxon James

A Stealthy Situation is a standalone with some recurring characters set in the Franklin U shared universe. Low angst, with a bi-awakening and some sexy times with more than a little fluffiness too.

From the blurb:


My life’s goal? Make plants fun!   

I’m gonna be fighting for flora when I’m older and it all starts with auditing stats so I can level up for my masters, and lucky for me, the intriguing guy in my class is a math whizz.

He’s standoffish at first, but after a class where I bet my sitcoms can make him laugh, one bet leads to another and we’re hanging out all the time. Even though I know he’s interested in me, we’re easy friends, until I start to think I might be a little interested in him, too.

The only problem? He seems like a totally different guy in class to when we hang out. I brush it off as him trying to concentrate, but then I spot something I can’t explain away.

A scar. On his palm.

One I’m positive Benny has never had before.


Since we were little, my twin brother and I have always switched things up–literally. It started as funsies, and now we’re college juniors and still taking each other’s classes. I suck at Math, he sucks at English, and we both have a rule not to make friends in class as the other person. Our system is perfect.

Only Emmett has the audacity to get sick right before stats and I have to actually show up for my own class–where I meet my future husband.

Harrison is smart, weirdly into plants, and we instantly hit it off like old friends.

Only of course the gorgeous mountain of a nerd is straight.

Just when I’m telling myself to let my dreams of matching rings go, our text messages become constant, flirtier, deeper than I’ve had with any other guy before. My butterflies have butterflies every time we catch up.

And then I get a text from Emmett: I’m so sorry. I think I messed up.

Rogue's Review:

- College
- Shared universe
- Twins
- Bi-awakening

This is the second in the Franklin U 2 series, and while it does feature some recurring characters from the first series (nice to 'see' Felix and Marshall again) and some who will appear in future FU 2 books, it can easily stand alone.

This is Harrison and Benny's story. Benny comes from a legacy hockey family and has no desire to play, but wants to become a journalist focusing on hockey to counteract some of the negativity he and his family have experienced. Harrison is a plant guy, and just wants plants to get the same attention cute animals do. I liked both guys, at the start Harrison thinks he's straight but gives in to thoughts he increasingly has about Benny which are definitely not straight. Benny crushed on Harrison from the start, and it was so much fun to see them developing their friendship first before anything else. Benny's secret is that his identical twin brother has been taking his stats class for him, where Emmett has also met Harrison, not realising his stats friend and the guy Benny is seeing are one and the same.

I'm glad it wasn't a love triangle at all, I liked that Emmett just wanted to be friends with Harrison, and I do get why Benny and Emmett switched up places in class, and hid as much as they did, with nobody realising they were twins. I loved that Harrison was so open to experiment with Benny, some of the scenes are hot - the rooftop date 🔥, but there's the underlying friendship too, which was great.

The whole thing is low angst, even when the inevitable happens and Benny's secret is out. It's all resolved quickly and I loved that it wasn't drawn out for either of them. It's ultimately sweet, and I just really enjoyed the whole thing. I really want Emmett's story now, I can't wait.

Heather's Review:

It was fun to see the Dalton twins at FU, and the parallel stories of their interactions with Harrison were interesting, and I appreciated the way that Benny started to take responsibility and control of his own life after playing the twin game for so long, but there were some elements that were just a little far fetched for me.

Harrison was my favourite character by far - he was cinnamon roll sweet and the way he approached his newfound bisexual urges was sweet and I appreciated the slow build to his relationship with Benny.  I also did appreciate the fact that there wasn't a love triangle or even a spark of interest between Harrison and Emmett.

I am looking forward to Emmett's HEA later in the FU Series and all the other FU stories in between.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

"Emmett is sweet. Almost naïve. I'm much more like our brother eat-shit-and-die Dalton."

I LOVED getting to know the Dalton twins better, even though this was totally Ben's book. I was hoping for some in person cameos, but we did get to hear from Asher in all his glory. Just in case you were wondering, married life hasn't changed Asher one bit. He's still a dick, albeit a loveable one. It was actually cute seeing the bits of him in Ben.

Oh Ben. I loved him and his chaos. Boy is defensive AF when he feels backed into a corner and I can kind of relate. When it comes to expressing his feelings? Well, this is one of his similarities shared with big bro Asher. Poor Harrison had to basically pry the words from Ben with force.

I did love the banter between these two. They built up a pretty solid friendship before things dipped into the intimacy pool. I also really liked how even though it was Harrison's first time being with a man, he did some mature thinking on it without a total freak out. What was even more impressive was his willingness to try out anything in the bedroom with minimal hesitation. That's a man who is comfortable in his own skin.

I think Harrison's steadiness was a major factor that helped in the relationship. Ben is sort of still finding himself as his own person and not as a half of a twin set. Their epilogue was super romantic and made me smile so big. I cannot wait for Ben's twin Em to bag his man soon too!

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