A Beginner's Guide to Ghosts, Fallen Angels, and Other Afterlifers (Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures Book 8) by Shannon Mae

A Beginner's Guide to Ghosts, Fallen Angels, and Other Afterlifers is the latest installment to Shannon Mae's Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures series. It's our lost gray angels turn to find his perfect mate in this low to medium angst story.

From the blurb:

Cass has always had the sight. Although his official job may be to run his coffee shop, in reality he deals with grumpy ghosts, troublesome demons, uptight angels, and all sorts of paranormal issues. When the archangel Gabriel gives him a message that he has to help a gray angel, it’s just par for the course for Cassius. But who could predict that Kushiel would be the brightest soul Cassius had ever met, even if the angel can’t see that about himself? Cassius is determined not just to save the afterlife (and possibly the entire universe), but also to save one very sexy angel (who just might be his soulmate) along the way.

Kushiel’s work is his life, and if angels shun him and he feels like he never quite fits in with demons, at least he has the souls he redeems. That is, until someone steals his entire purpose in the afterlife. Some vague clues from a demon seer send him straight into Cass’s coffee shop, where he learns some surprises about afterlife rules. With a little help from Cass, Kushiel is sure they can solve the mystery, especially since the coffee shop owner is the kindest, sweetest, sexiest human he’s ever met. Now if only he could figure out how to respond to all the compliments Cass keeps sending his way, because surely someone as wonderful as Cassius couldn’t be interested in a gray angel.

Tags: Kushiel is hurting, and Cass is happy to offer comfort and compliments; afterlife rules are more complicated than angels or demons knew; Aunt Ro keeps trying to not-so-subtly send messages through flowers; Cass runs into demons, angels, ghosts, a sea monster, and a hellhound; messages from seers and through oracles are annoyingly mysterious; Kushiel likes being told what to do, and Cass likes taking charge; Kushiel will finally get his own happily-ever-after (Cass will make sure of it).

A Beginner's Guide to Ghosts, Fallen Angels, and Other Afterlifers can be read as a stand alone. However, it is best read after A Beginner’s Guide to Revenge, Chaos, and Other Absurd Escapades, since Mike and Ari do pop up in this book.

Molly Otto's review:

The latest installment to Shannon Maes Demonic Disasters and Afterlife Adventures has a heavier feel to its predecessors for a very good reason. Kushiel (the gray angel) has the task of helping spirits atone for their past mistakes to be able to move on and try again in their next life. Cassius has the sight to see ghosts on the mortal plane and is able to help them move on. When mischief is afoot in hell, Kushiels and Cassius path must be crossed to save those lost souls. Once they meet, they are undeniably perfect for each other. They give the other hope and a reason to keep doing what they do.

Past characters are brought back to help our men with their quest, and you just smile at their ever crazy antics. The overall background plot continues to unfold for us to eventually see the balance that needs to be restored. What a beautiful series that has such a promise for future installments.

Jacquleen the Reading Queen's review:

"So good for me. My sexy angel, shining so beautifully for me."

I was so excited when Mae announced that the next book in this series was going to be about Kushiel and Cass! Having already met them in previous books, I couldn't wait for their story and subsequent HEAs. Both of these men have been kind enough to be helpful to our favorite past demons, so I knew they both had good hearts. I just didn't realize how good they truly were. Both Kushiel and Cass had such empathy for others. They cared, even about strangers. They really did suit one another beautifully.

It made my heart hurt with how low Kushiel's self-esteem was at the start of this book. How could he not see how lovely he was? But fear not! Cass definitely had that covered. It didn't take him long to realize this and he made it his mission to show Kushiel just how wonderful he thought he was. It was very sweet and always made me smile when he made Kushiel blush with his compliments. I just adore a blushing MC.

Seeing Lucifer and Yah together for a scene again is always a treat. It's killing me not knowing the story behind those two!!! But I understand. It isn't time for those two yet. We also meet the MC of a new series that Mae is starting, and he seems like he is going to be fun from the little sneak we got. Actually his love interest does too! I'm looking forward to both the new series and the next Beginner's Guide immensely.

Rogue's Review:

- paranormal
- soulmates
- angels

This is the 4th in the Demonic Disasters series, but can be read as a standalone although there are recurring characters. This is Cassius and Kushiel's story, and I've been waiting for Kushiel to get his HEA, because of any of the characters in this series, he really deserves it. This ties together a lot of threads on the way to Cass and Kush getting their HEA. These two were just so perfect together, I loved how Cass was always building up Kush, as his confidence has been crushed after years of not really fitting in anywhere, and then thinking he wasn't worthy.

I liked Cass too, and how he knew straight away that Kush was his soulmate, but didn't pressure him right away, and instead let him come to it on his own. It's pretty much insta-love but with these two, that made sense. I liked the story of the missing souls too, and it was a fine resolution and intro to the author's next series.

I loved Cass and Kush and this was sweet, hot, and perfect.

A Beginner's Guide to Ghosts, Fallen Angels, and Other Afterlifers is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription