Wolf Moon Rising: Volume 2 (Books 3-5) by Sam Burns & W.M. Fawkes

The Grove Pack just keeps getting better and better!

From the Wolf Moon Rising; Volume 2 blurb:

Sweet apple pies, a cozy pack of werewolves, and a fight to save the most vulnerable among them.
This set contains books 3, 4 and 5 of the Wolf Moon Rising series as well as a Patreon exclusive spicy short and Rowan Grove's happily ever after In Rowan's Thanksgiving Pies.

Hunter Moon
The prodigal alpha returns from the navy to a whole new sea of trouble...

Aspen Grove left his pack to ensure its future, and his own. After ten years in the navy, his father is dead, his brother is pack alpha, and he’s ready to return. But does the pack he turned his back on still have a place for him so many years later?

Brook Morgan has seen the dark side of alpha wolves—their violence, their brutality, their greed. He has only taken the first small steps toward recovery when Aspen Grove, the alpha who stole his heart then abandoned it ten years ago, returns to Grovetown. Thank the moon he can lose himself in video games and put the only alpha he'd ever wanted out of mind for good.

After abandoning his rightful place in the Grove pack, Aspen is struggling to find where he fits in, but when the feral wolves who tormented Brook return looking for more trouble, he has to protect his home, and his mate, or risk losing them both forever.

Cold Moon
An alpha torn apart, his heart stitched back together by the gentle hands of one sweet doctor’s assistant…

Dante Reid has never fit in with his pack of feral, dangerous alphas. He hates his own nature, and his monster of a father makes him question his very DNA. When the Reids leave him bleeding out at the edge of Grove pack lands, it’s their sweater-wearing leader who saves Dante’s life, but in the bright eyes of Doctor Grove’s assistant, Skye, he sees hope for his future, and a place he wishes he could belong.

For all his life, Skye Johnson has been treated like he’s made of china. As the only omega in the Grove pack with a chronic case of the mysterious Condition, his pack is fiercely protective of him. When a strange new alpha arrives in the clinic, the pack circles to keep him safe, but Skye can see more in Dante Reid than his name. And for once, it seems like an alpha might see Skye clearly too, for all that he has to offer and not for his chronic illness.

The condition has already torn apart Skye and Dante’s childhoods, but now the source of that threat rears its head, and wants to take what little they have left. Can they stop the Sterling Corporation and its master before it’s too late?

Strawberry Moon
He lost everything, and the only person who can give him what he needs is the heir of his greatest enemy

Ford McKesson lost his joy when his mate died of the mysterious Condition. Werewolves spent two decades watching their most vulnerable packmates wither and die, and now Ford’s own pack has unmasked the culprit. For many, it’s been a time to celebrate the end of a dark period of werewolf history, but Ford can’t let go of his grief. He watches his pack move toward a brighter future while he’s left behind.

Archer Sterling’s life was built on a rotten foundation. After his grandfather tried to destroy werewolves as a species, Archer is left scrambling to make things right. But a new beast is howling in his head, and he no longer fits into the human world of his youth.

The past year has changed Grovetown—and the world—and neither Archer nor Ford know where they fit anymore. Together, maybe they can make a new kind of home, where everyone belongs.

Wolf Moon Rising; Volume 2 Short Stories
Rowan's Thanksgiving Pies
In the Dark

Angel's review:

Hunter Moon: rating 4

Tropes you can expect to find are; Hurt/Comfort, Second Chances, Small Town, Touch him and beware, and a touch of Friends to lovers.

Aspen and Brook's journey is a long one filled with hurt and broken promises. It's also one filled with redemption, forgiveness, and second chances. Ever since the first book in this series we knew that Aspen left everyone behind in his pack when he vanished without so much as a goodbye. He hurt a lot of people by doing that, and he hurt Brook the most.

I was curious to see how their relationship dynamic would be handled considering how rocky things between them were. I didn't know if Brook would be full of hatred and never give Aspen the time of day, or if eventually he would let Aspen back in. I'm so glad it was the latter! There was a lot of groveling that Aspen had to do, along with making up his leaving to a lot of people.

I liked how Brook and Aspen didn't get together right away, they both needed time and space to get to know each other again. They needed time to heal, and forgive, and for Brook to have the space to realize what he truly wants for himself. I enjoyed that this was a slow burn with plenty of hurt/comfort moments.

In this book we also got to see plenty of the characters we got introduced to in the previous books. Along with a new threat to the Grove Pack. Throughout the course of this book we saw Aspen get accepted by his pack, and we got to see him find his place and realize where he truly belongs. Additionally, we got to see Aspen and Brook get their happy ever after, and it was so, so sweet.

Cold Moon: Rating 5

Skye has been my favorite side character in the previous books, so I was really excited that he finally got his own story. And what a story it is! Skye was born with the Condition and because of that, everyone in his pack treats him like glass. They don't like for him to do anything on his own or be by himself. They all treat him like he's broken. But not Dante, he sees Skye as a person not a sickness, and the love that blossoms between these two is so beautiful!

Dante is unfortunately a Reid, but his last name doesn't mean he's a monster like his dad or his cousin. It just means he shares the same name as those monsters. I'm really glad that he got his own story as well, and I'm happy that his mate is Skye. They both are so cute together and always tries to make the other feel better and smile with little things that add up to something big.

I thought the pacing was excellent, there was a bit of angst along the way, some self growth and realization had to happen along their journey, and the story overall was amazing. We got a closer look at what exactly Sterling does to poison wolves, specifically Omegas, and with Dante's help, they figure out how and why Sterling Products harm Omega wolves.

I enjoyed learning about the fictional biology of wolves, and what causes Omegas to be different from Alphas, it was really interesting reading about that. Another really great addition to this series!

Strawberry Moon: rating 4

This story is about Ford and Archer, two unlikely men who can't understand why they like the other, but do anyway. Ford lost his omega and unborn child to the Condition years ago, so when he first sees Archer he despises the man. After all he was the reason his wife died... Or so he wanted to believe. However, upon getting to know Archer, he realizes that the omega isn't trying to harm wolves, he's trying to find a way to help them after what his grandfather did.

Archer shares a last name with the man who murdered hundreds of thousands of Omegas knowingly. He hates what his grandfather did, and he hates even more that he was able to get away with it for so long, and him not know. He's trying to find a way to help Alphas by creating omega pheromones that'll give them the same calmness as an actual omega. With Ford begrudgingly helping him, he learns what exactly he needs to make something that'll help Alphas everywhere, and he finds love along the way too.

Ford's character has been in the background in the last few books, his character gets mentioned but not much gets shared. In this book we get to see things from his perspective, and really get to learn about the man who lost his mate and child. Reading things from his perspective was heartbreaking because he was so wrapped up in his grief and anger that became who he was, and how people viewed him. I enjoyed how his character grew throughout the story, and how he himself came to the realization that he had to stop taking his anger out on Archer, when the omega didn't do anything to harm him, or his pack.

I thought the way Archer and Ford's relationship developed was done really well, it was a definite slow burn which fits because it wouldn't have been believable if they rushed into things. I found the way Archer grew into himself was really great! He found people who believed in him and supported him no matter what, he found his pack.

I absolutely loved the scene with Rowan and Cliff getting their happy ever after, I was rooting for the both of them since the first book, and I'm so glad they figured out a way to be together without Cliff being too wild.

The story was well written, we got to see plenty of cameos from previous characters, along with learning more about the Sterling Company. We learned just how many people in the company knew what Archer's grandfather was doing, and got to see them get what they deserved for doing something so despicable.

Rowan's Thanksgiving Pies: rating 5/5
This Short was so sweet! I loved being able to get a glimpse into Rowan's and Cliff's relationship! I thought this was a fantastic short, although I wish we got to see more from their perspectives. And the poor sweet potato pie :( how dare someone ruin Rowan's hard work.

In The Dark: rating 4
A steamy bonus scene between Ford and Archer.

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