Totally Geeked (Love In Play Book 2) by Becca Jackson

Totally Geeked is Love in Plays book two of the Beccas Jackson's take on the Banana Ball league. We have a low angst best friends little bother opposites attract romance that has you smiling from start to finish.

A little twist of a sports romance 🏈

From the blurb:

Harrison’s love life is a parade of fun, flirty encounters thanks to every dating app you can imagine, but nothing sticks. Finally, sick of the endless cycle of Friday night hookups, he hits uninstall on the apps and challenges the universe to show him that he deserves someone better.

What he didn’t expect was the universe throwing him a curveball in the form of his best friend’s younger brother. Despite being best friends with Gordon for years, he’s never actually met his siblings and even half-joked they didn’t exist.

But there they are, at a party at Gordon’s place, and one brother, Arlo, is seriously hard to ignore. He’s nothing like Gordon. Quiet, adorable, and totally off-limits… which sucks. But when Harrison spots an opportunity to help him steady his nerves on his children’s book tour, he jumps at the chance to get to know him better, because spending time with him feels like the most right thing he’s done in forever.

The more time they spend together, the less Harrison can imagine being with anyone else. But going after what he wants means betraying his best friend. Can he find the courage to catch life’s most unexpected of pitches?

Nedra's review:

As cute as this story was, overlooking all of the grammatical errors was extremely frustrating and depressing for my liking. The storyline was great, a sports romance with a twist. The characters were fun and interesting, but Arlo was a favorite. His characters demeanor was very forthcoming with an essence that matched.

Harry was supposed to be Arlo’s opposite, only to learn they were more alike than originally expected. His determination to change his ways was heartwarming and genuine, which doesn’t happen often enough. And their chemistry was off the charts!!! Definitely not what I expected but it still played out as intended.

Molly Otto's review:

These two are just those beautiful friends to lovers who support the other and try for more. The banter of the Bannana Ball boys stays alive with this story to keep you interested as well. Arlo is a shy, sweeter version of his bigger brother Gordon. When Harrison decides to leave the dating app lifestyle in the hope of something more, he doesn't expect his best friend's brother, but that's how life works sometimes. These two have a sweet banter than translates hot in the bedroom. Harrison helps Arlo become more confident in showing his art to the world, which also helps young fans fall in love more with Banana Ball. Love the support of their other brother Noah when Gordon needs a clue by four to realize how deep in these two really are. Fun story overall, and I am looking forward to Ryan and Alan's story next up in this universe.

Heather's Review:

Ooh, I love a best friend's brother storyline and Arlo is sweet and adorable and everything that you want to see in the irresistible mate.  Starting out as friends, but developing feelings for each other, the story unfolds in a sweet and steamy way.  I love their banter and their way of building each other up and supporting each other.  

I also love that we get to explore another season of Banana Ball - I am truly loving the way this game combines baseball's skills with a more light-hearted approach!  I can't wait to see what happens next! 

Totally Geeked is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription