The Spy Prince of Basadesh (The Jali Throne Book 1) by H.M. Heath

Debut book and first part of a duet with a prince that has to choose loyalty or love when he falls for an enemy wizard. A world at war, filled with magic and two main characters trying to do their best for their countries.

From the The Spy Prince of Basadesh blurb:

The world is at war, and Arjun’s country is falling. As the prince of Bashadesh he must risk everything to protect his people-no matter how dangerous. The plan is simple, if perilous; go undercover, infiltrate the enemy’s castle, and bring them down from within. If he’s caught, death is certain, both for himself and for his countrymen.

He soon meets the high wizard responsible for his country's rapid decline, and everything changes. Taken into the man’s service and working undercover as his servant, Arjun is determined to do whatever it takes to win the war. But hatred battles with admiration as he slowly begins to see a different side of his enemy.

Eldrin ‘Frostfire’ Glaser is capable, driven and devilishly handsome. He’s undoubtedly at the pinnacle of his power and prestige. But he’s never met anyone like Arjun. Even in disguise, the spy prince is dazzling, an irresistible spark of light in the frigid castle he calls home. When the two meet, sparks fly and both must question everything they thought they knew. As their worlds collide and passions ignite, Arjun and Eldrin must navigate a treacherous path where love and duty intertwine.

Join them on their journey of discovery, where loyalties are tested, and the fate of nations hangs in the balance. Dive into the "The Spy Prince of Basadesh" today, and experience how love can shape the world.

SNik's review:

First in duet (The Jali Throne). Paranormal fantasy. Unknown (for one character) enemies to lovers. Dual POV. Cliffhanger.

Prince Arjun has been sent on a mission to help turn the war around, his country is suffering and if he can find a way to bring down the king or high wizard of Zorvyaka, to try to find any weakness that can help, he has vowed to do it. Luck finds him working for the high wizard Eldrin, but falling for the man was not part of the plan. Arjun uses the information he gets from Eldrin, and he keeps his identity a secret from Eldrin throughout the story.

I’m not a fan of the main couple lying to each other or hiding things for the entirety of the story so this book was a little bit of a struggle for me. However, the scenes with Arjun and Eldrin together were sweet when you can overlook the deceit, and they are expressive with their emotions and feelings. This debut had a decent world build, some characters to root for, a bad guy to dislike, and two main characters swept up in whether love or loyalty should determine their future.

The Spy Prince of Basadesh is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription