The Gargoyle and The Romance Writer (Monsters Hollow Book 2) by Chloe Archer

Welcome back to Monster Hallow! Where Monsters and humans are friends and support each other! In The Gargoyle and the Romance Writer: be prepared for high heat and a stalker to stop!

From the blurb:

Welcome to Monsters Hollow, where love knows no bounds—even in a town full of monsters!

A quirky romance writer in hiding. A sexy gargoyle lover turned bodyguard. And a stalker that just won’t quit...

Ryder Thomas (aka Ryder St. James)

I assumed writing swoony romance novels about humans and Otherkind might attract some unsavory attention. But I never imagined I’d have an obsessive fan stalking me. Fortunately, my BFF Max has an in with a town he assures me can keep me safe.

As a former foster kid, I’m pretty resilient, but this situation is messing with my sleep and I’m on deadline for my next book!

About the only thing that can help at times like this is some regular mind-blowing… release. Trust me, solo methods just aren’t enough and hooking up with randos isn't my style. I need someone safe who can reliably rock my world in the bedroom and maybe help me with my research as a bonus!

Enter the hunky Scottish gargoyle who’s been flirting with me ever since I arrived to hide out in Mystic Hollow. We come up with an ideal no-strings and no-feelings arrangement until I leave town for my next book tour.

After all, romance is just a fantasy I write about in my books--right?

Vash DarkWing

From the moment I met Ryder, I wanted to know more about the bonnie, brave man who speaks his mind. With no filter.

When he proposes a few weeks of mutually beneficial shagging before his book tour starts, I immediately jump on the chance to, well, jump him. Just a bit of fun and maybe friendship.

Hell’s bells, but Ryder slips past all my defenses and wins my affections without even trying! Now, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the man I love safe. Even if it means putting my heart as well as my life on the line.

The Gargoyle and the Romance Writer is a 106k novel that features an inappropriately curious novelist, a sexy Scottish gargoyle, a specialty harness for aerial…shenanigans, a creepy stalker, and true love for the win. This is the second book in the Monsters Hollow series and can be read as a standalone.

Molly Otto's Review:

Chloe shows us her unique sense of entertainment in her latest book! Ryder has zero filter and abandonment issues for days, but with Vashs encouragement and support, he is able to let those issues fall away. Vash a gargoyle with serious overprotective vibes and stubborn streak for days is able to help Ryder open up with some time and effort. This book has so much heat in it that I was not prepared! Even saying that it did not distract from the overall story where you fall more for these characters.
A great blend of humor, action, and heated times. As with previous instalments, I can not recommend this series enough, just so different from anything I've read.

Rogue's Review:

- Paranormal
- Series

This is the second in the Monsters Hollow series, it can be read as a standalone but as there are some recurring characters and mentions of the story in the first book, you'd definitely get more out of it reading it as a series.

I love the world that Chloe Archer has created with Monsters Hollow, it's full of mythical creatures that aren't what you would think they would be like. Vash is a gargoyle, and by nature is protective over his friends and family. Ryder is a romance writer, specialising in otherkind romance novels, and is also dealing with a crazy stalker threatening him, which pings all Vash's protective instincts. This is honestly a hilarious book, Ryder especially has his moments of inappropriate behaviour at the weirdest of times, and I loved Vash just going with it, for the most part. These two are seriously hot together, and I love how Ryder is totally unafraid to ask for what he wants, and not apologetic about that at all. He's no shrinking violet.

While they do get together early, the love story itself is a slow burn as Ryder slowly comes round to the idea of a relationship, and it's all the sweeter for that. The story moves along nicely with the stalker plotline neatly resolved, and it's again hilarious.

This is funny, hot, romantic and I can't get enough of Monsters Hollow. I'm dying for Hal's story now.

The Gargoyle and the Romance Writer is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription