Midsummer Phoenixes: Phoenix Immortal Stories by Alexa Piper

Midsummer Phoenixes is a lovely collection of shorts found in the Pheonix Immortal Universe. Not only do we get lots more of Soyer and Amory, but Piper had hidden a few surprise POV shorts as well!

From the blurb:

Phoenix Immortal is a story about how a man who cannot die but has lost all reason to live finds it again. It’s also the story about how a server who works the night shift at a diner discovers understanding and intimacy when he’d never imagined that he would. It’s a tale about fire and love, fate and forging your own path.

Midsummer Phoenixes explores the calmer sides of this epic love, the things that happened between all the major events in the main storyline.

These short stories follow Amory and Soyer past the endings of Moonlight Cherries and Black Heart Blooming. We are thrust deeper into the supernatural world beneath and meet new people and old acquaintances both in the Moonlight Diner and elsewhere.

These stories are more slice-of-life and lighthearted, but we all know Soyer kills people on occasion. Proceed at your own risk.

Angel's review:

This was a great collection of short stories giving us a better look of what the day to day of these characters lives are like. We got to see Amory first getting introduced to Rae, along with Rae having a Pride dance party in the diner, moments where Soyer is planning surprises for Amory, and we got to see Soyer pretending to be a human. I thought these shorts were great, I finished this collection within an hour and enjoyed reading them. I liked how we got glimpses of what these characters's lives are like outside of the main story.

Jacqueleen the Reading Queen's review:

It's so wonderful spending time with Soyer and Amory again. These little sneak peeks into moments they share were such great additions to the series and many made me smile. Especially Soyer meeting Tate. Why do I feel like him and Amory could be friends?

I was surprised that we even got a short from Dwayne's POV! I loved that little insight into his character. And you could tell just how much he cares for his employees, especially Amory.

One story took me a bit to figure out what was going on. I was so confused. But then once you catch on it turns out to be a fun story. Ahh the amazing minds of authors!!

And don't get me started on the art! They were all so awesome even on my black and white kindle! It was cool seeing the pair drawn in different artist styles. For fans of this series this collection of shorts is a must have.

Jacquie's Review:

I absolutely adored this visit with my favorites!

Told through various POV's, we get to see little moments that really round out the romance between the pair and show just how in love they are with each other. Soyer especially, since he thinks of little else but Amory and it's just the sweetest.

Loved the introduction to Tate and hope we can see more of him later. Also, what is the writer up to? Soyer suggests there is more to him than his useless crush on Amory.

Elias is one of my favorite characters in the series, so it was great that he got a fair amount of page time, including a story of his past before he was a vampire.

This has to be read after at least one of the main books and though it doesn't advance any overarching plot, it does add something special to the series, so I wouldn't skip it.

The art inside it was lovely! The glossary of types at the end was useful too.

Midsummer Phoenixes is currently available as an e-book and paperback