In His Corner by H.L. Day

Life is all about the second chances even from those you least expect them from. In His Corner is a low angst ex con and his employer romance.

From the blurb:

Hayden Quinn’s worked his ass off to turn his restaurant into the thriving business it is today. Too hard to risk it all by letting an ex-con through his door. Yet, there Levi is. Six feet of attitude. Six feet of pure temptation.  

No one warned Levi that getting out of prison would only be the start of his problems. He doesn’t need a boss who looks down his nose at him. Except behind that, there’s a heat. A heat that Levi can’t help responding to.

Together they burn hot, forging something that could be more than just lust. When Levi’s past comes knocking though, has he really got someone in his corner, or is he just as alone as ever?

In His Corner is a steamy hurt/comfort MM romance featuring a hot-tempered chef who needs his life shaking up a bit and a wounded character who might have a chip on his shoulder a mile wide, but deep down just wants someone to love him. When their fragile connection is put to the test, will their relationship endure, or will everything they’ve built crumble away to nothing?

Molly Otto's Review:

A fun hurt comfort read right on the edge of being angsty yet isn't. Hayden & Levi do not understand each other, so they tend to be oil and water with undeniable chemistry. Hayden makes the mistake of treating him as his past shows and not a real person. When Levi is needed, Hayden immediately steps up and helps him on his feet to actually have a chance on the outside. Hayden has top-tier dirty talk that, yeah, just well done. Their chemistry was there, and you could feel the depth of their connection as it grew and Levi let Hayden in. Wish Levi would have handled certain incidents better, or there was more to it. Like you felt the build-up for something, and it just didn't hit as hard as you were anticipating. So if you're looking for low angst with an edge, this will be the perfect read for you.

SNiK's Review:

Standalone. Hurt/comfort. POC representation. Dual POV.

Levi is newly out of prison and wants to do better, perhaps help his grandmother, and leave his past behind, but he knows people will always see him as a criminal. For years Hayden has lived and breathed running his restaurant, he doesn’t want to trust the newly hired Levi, and he especially doesn’t want to feel a burning attraction to the man.

At first Hayden and Levi are all about just appeasing their lust, contemplating the possibility of dating never occurs to Hayden until it's almost too late. But once they are together Hayden commits fully, never doubting Levi and giving Levi the support to dream about a future again. I really enjoyed the high steam and how eventually Hayden and Levi began to build something sweet and enduring. There are supportive secondary characters, a slightly predictable hiccup, and really likable main characters to root for. This was an enjoyable and entertaining read, not overly angsty with a swoony HEA.

In His Corner is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription