He's Mine Volume 1: 12 Tales of M/M Romance by Scarlet Blackwell

Prepare yourself for porn on paper with He's Mine Volume 1 by the lovely Scarlet Blackwell!

From the blurb:

Step inside 12 different fantasy worlds and meet MM couples needing their happy ending.

  • Luke and Dieter are enemies both on and off the football pitch.
  • Fox and Jamie are pornstars so hot for each other they can't make it through a scene together.
  • Jacob only knows one way to pay the rent when Mr. Brock comes calling.
  • Alone in the office on his birthday, Lewis is treated to a lap dance by a hot stranger.
  • Charlie is a young man with learning disabilities with a lot of love to give.
Forbidden love, unrequited love, second chance love and more. Who will be your favourite couple?

Nedra's review:

Scarlett manages to keep me intrigued and desperate for more with every novel she writes. Her ability to make sense of things, even when they are falling apart, never ceases to amaze me. Each of these short stories touched me in a different way, building up just the right amount of information before hitting you with the nastiest, filthiest ideas and putting them on paper. Out of all the novella’s, Charlie Chaplain touched my heart in a different tone. Hopefully we’ll get another one of these, soon!!

He's Mine Volume 1 is currently available as an e-book