Forfeits (Parlor Games) by AE Lister 5/7

The second book in the Parlor Games series, Forfeits takes us back to Maverick Molly's and into another kinky romance...

From the blurb:


Book two in the Parlor Games series

Sometimes you have to kneel to find yourself again.

Fletcher Marin is grieving. He' s holding things together for the sake of his daughter and has come a long way since his husband, Daniel, passed away in an accident three years ago. But something' s changed, and Fletcher finds himself remembering parts of his life with Daniel that he' s been suppressing.

A new romantic possibility with Aiden Thompson, a supply teacher whom he meets at his daughter' s school, and the fact that Maverick Molly' s, the ‘ restaurant' where his nephew Patrick works, is a gay kink and burlesque club have made Fletcher aware of everything he' s missed since Daniel' s death.

Aiden helps Fletcher step back into the world of submission and domination and takes him places even Daniel didn' t go. Is it possible that fate would give Fletcher another person to love and cherish, who fulfills him and seems as caring as his late husband? And will he ever be able to remember Daniel without pain?

Grief can be a tricky thing to bear, and there are times when you have to fight the ones you love for the freedom to be a whole person.

Heather's review:

Forfeits is a second chance romance featuring a widowed single father whose submission has been buried in grief and raising a sassy pre-teen daughter... who is ready for her father to find love with her new substitute teacher.

Told from Fletcher's POV, I sometimes desperately wished I knew what Aiden was thinking and feeling and where he was going, but it was nice to see the story told from a submissive point of view. 

While there is definitely kink, there is also the sweet story of finding love after loss and it was beautiful to watch Fletcher regain some of the things he lost when his husband passed away, and also find new strengths and new bonds.

Forfeits is currently available as an e-book