Enchanting Exposition, Demon Magic #4 by Alice Winters

Miles and Havoc are back with a bang in another magical adventure, Enchanting Exposition.

From the blurb:

Maybe it wasn’t my best idea to draw dark magic into myself to save a friend… but it’s definitely not my worst (don’t ask Havoc what that was). The first thing on our list of “Save Miles from the Dark Magic That Might Be Making Him Do Ridiculous Things” is to destroy the ominous book that’s snagging my attention. But what I don’t expect is to be dragged into the book filled with dark mysteries that leaves me with more questions… and a lack of pants.

But it’s nothing that Havoc and I can’t handle. The two of us have proven that our relationship is strong enough that we can face anything life throws at us, so I think we can handle a measly book… maybe… I mean, so far it may look like we’re not winning, but that’s just because it’d be boring if heroes won immediately.

And it’s not like we have to fight this battle alone, especially with an awe-inspiring dragon familiar who is forced to face his greatest adversary (a common housecat), a narcissistic angel who comes with a sword that compliments every cut made, a centaur who always manages to look like he’s on the set of a cologne commercial, and… Etienne (whatever he is).

With the demon I love by my side and my found family, we’re going to stop this darkness before it spreads. But doing so might unveil some things we never expected.

Jacquie's Review:

Another magical and hilarious story in the Demon Magic series. Miles and Havoc are dealing with the events from the last book, so this really needs to be read in order. Miles has new, dark magic inside him and a book to destroy.

Enchanting Exposition has new characters to love, lots of magic and action, and I actually cried with laughter. Menace is a menace, especially if your name is Cottontuft!

I loved the scenes where Miles had the darkness taken over. A complete personality change and so funny!

Enchanting Expostion is available to buy as an ebook and audiobook, or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.