Whisper Wells (Legends of the Whisper Woods: Book One) by Ali Woods

A tantalizing and magical story full of suspense, and mystery.

From the Whisper Wells blurb:

Too much of a shifter for the people of Whisper Wells, too human for his great-grandfather's pack, Caelan Rourke has accepted his status as the town’s recluse on his homestead on the border between the town and the Whisper Woods. All he was looking for was someone to chat to over the long, lonely, isolated winter.

But when his new friend, the captivating Tor, blows into town asking for his help to venture into the dangerous and mysterious depths of the Whisper Woods, he has no choice but to help the man he has spent the winter pining over.

Beautiful and spoiled, fae Tor Hivercouer wants for nothing in life. Except to find his wayward younger brother, who has disappeared in the enchanted Whisper Woods. And maybe a hot man to keep his bed warm and his heart full.

Ancient magic lies hidden within the Whisper Woods. Can Caelan and Tor overcome their fears to come together and defeat the danger within?

Whisper Wells is the first in the Whisper Woods MM series, with each book focusing on a new couple. Expect sweet moments, steamy times in the Woods with adventure, laughs, and a guaranteed HEA. Please check content warnings on the author's website for more details

Angel's review:

I was caught by surprise by this book, I started reading this and could not stop. I needed to know what Caelan and Tor were going to get up to next. This book starts us off with these two MC's getting acquainted through a dating app. They are on opposite ends of the country, and yet despite the distance, these two men forge a bond with each other that both of them hold close to their hearts. When Tor's brother goes missing in the Woods that Caelan lives by, Tor decides to visit his friend, and ask for his help. And that, is where our journey officially begins.

Upon starting this story I quickly realized how much attention to detail Ali took with writing the background scenery. The way that the Woods were described, all the different creatures, the foliage, the fruits, the mythical beings, it was all truly breathtaking with how everything was described. The way Ali wrote the background made it easy to envision where the story was taking place.

There was quite a bit of mystery to this book, the plotline while yes was a romance, was also a mystery as well. One that Tor's brother was at the heart of. I thought the way that the questions kept piling up, and how the trek into the Woods uncovered more than both men were prepared for, really helped make this book intriguing. I was curious the whole time on what was going to happen next, and what was going on with Theo.

The romance part of this book I thought was good. Tor and Caelan developed a strong bond through their messages, and upon meeting in person, they were able to eventually continue to grow that bond, just in a slightly different way. I adored how awkward and nervous both of these men were around each other, it just made the story cuter. I will say that I thought some of the steamy scenes were just added to make the story longer, some of them didn't do much for the story other than to add steam.

The side characters were excellent! Seff was the comedian who helped cheer those around him up, Edith was the protective mama bear who is filled with knowledge, and Roan... Well he does what he can for those he cares for. I really enjoyed this book and how it was written. The way the story was told was captivating and kept me engaged. I'm looking forward to Theo's story! I need to know what's going on between him and Roan.

Miki J's review:

This is quite a stunning debut novel - I was absolutely blown away!! The world building is very relatable - so somewhat of a dystopian-like / alternate future - where you have the supernatural living alongside the humans. 

Now, the MC's - loved them !! Caelan is basically an off-grider and is not accepted from either groups....and Tor, may seem flighty but he's is made of sterner stuff...... The story flowed very organically - from meeting them (in their environments), to how they meet each other (online dating - who'd thought?!?hey?!! bahahaha), to actually meeting and then we are thrown into action-packed adventure quest with plenty of suspense !! The characters are very well thought out and the addition of friends/found family is just the icing .....I absolutely loved this book and can't wait for next in series !!

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