The Monster at the End of This Courtship by Edie Monte

The unusual kobolds from The Monster at the End of His Pregnancy return with The Monster at the End of This Courtship.

From the blurb:

What good is fate when your mate won't look your way?

Omega Tuft has always wanted a mate. He's craved someone to love and support him since he was a human changeling on Earth. Now that he's a kobold/human hybrid, he understands this desire is hardwired into his genes. Too bad his new mate hasn't gotten the message.

Axel had tried so hard to fit in on Earth. He'd had a fiancée, a steady job, and video games to keep him busy. Now, he's an alpha adrift in one of those fantasy games with no way out and an omega who keeps calling him mate.

When Axel is returned to his plane of origin early, Tuft has only a brief courtship to convince him they're meant to be together. If he fails, he'll have to face the reality of living alone without any hope for love and hatchlings.

The Monster at the End of This Courtship is a knotty reluctant fated mates male/male mpreg/eggpreg romance between 2 consenting versatile adults. It has monster anatomy, knotting, all the slick, nesting, true love, fated mates, adorable babies, snark, eggpreg spice, and a guaranteed happily ever after! The Monster at the End of His Pregnancy series is best read in order.

Content Warning: Miscarriage (laid/fertilized eggs didn't mature), cheating (not between the main characters)

Jacquie's Review:

Okay, the world-building and detail for this series is just top notch. Really, I would happily just read about all the kobolds making a new life for themselves after returning from Earth.

Tuft and Axel have a slow burn romance for fated mates. In fact, Axel isn't very pleasant to his mate at first. He's got issues to work through.

I really appreciated them dating, spending time together and really getting to know each other before jumping into the making babies thing.

There's a lot of sweet moments, not just between the pair, but with Lark and Weld, Tuft's ex. Those were extra sweet and I'm glad they made it into the book.

Super curious about the dragon and Mac!

The Monster at the End of This Courtship is available to buy as an ebook or to read with Kindle Unlimited subscription.