Taming a Demon (Dallying with Demons Book 2) by Amy Padilla


Taming a Demon is the second in the Dallying With Demons series. Can Felix trust the clumsy (or maybe cursed) human he meets? Their chemistry is off the charts, so can Felix and Tyler beat the curse and become forever mates?

From the blurb:  

Tyler is cursed. Not in the joking, having a bad week kind of day. He can’t seem to get through one day without injuring himself. He lost his job, his apartment, is camping out on his sister’s couch, and things just seem to be getting worse. So when a hot AF demon comes to his rescue, he jumps at the chance for a distraction. After all, what’s a better distraction from a bad day than sex?  

Felix doesn’t trust humans. Not after what happened. But when his best friend drops him for his new boyfriend, he’s in desperate need of a distraction. And the clumsy human who can’t catch a break is a fun distraction. As long as he doesn’t get too close, what could go wrong?

But when they both realize that the curse is more than just a joke, they have to figure out how to get rid of it before Tyler gets hurt. Or hurts someone else. Because, you know, they wanted things to be hot between the sheets, but they weren’t exactly looking to light the thing on fire. Especially with them in it.

Tags: Don’t trust Tyler with fragile objects, curses, frat boys and demons, what could go wrong, trust issues, sexy times outside, caught in the act, stairs are dangerous, miscommunication, literal fire, it was an accident, witches mean business, Athena is sassy like always, confrontations, prank war, who thought this was a good idea?, sometimes sex should be fun, even pranksters deserve love

SNiK's Review:

Second in series (Dallying with Demons), might be more fun if read in order. Paranormal. Mates. Found family. Dual POV.

Felix doesn’t trust humans, but when he meets accident prone Tyler their shared sense of humor is a quick bond to friendship. Tyler has been struggling, getting injured every day is no fun, he is not that clumsy and there’s no such thing as curses is there?

I really enjoyed the humor and connection between Felix and Tyler in this story. Their competitiveness in lust and steamy times were light and fun, and Felix’s unexpected feelings of protectiveness were swoony. There were supportive secondary characters of friends and family, and I appreciated Tyler pushing Felix to be honest with his friends about his feelings. A sweet revenge-filled addition to this series, I look forward to more from this group of demons and their mates.

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