North Point (Jagged Shores Book 1) by Thom Collins

In anticipation of the fifth book in the Jagged Shores series being released, North Point is the book that started the series. An unplanned attraction blooms, but there is a danger lurking in the small seaside town.

From the blurb:


Book one in the Jagged Shores series

Will an idyllic summer holiday lead Arnie to the love of his life, or the end of it?

It should be the start of a perfect vacation. After a period of stress, Arnie Walker takes his nine-year-old son AJ home for the holidays. Arnie grew up in Nyemouth, a picturesque fishing town on the North-East coast of England, and he wants AJ to experience the kind of carefree, endless summer he enjoyed as a boy. It's a short-lived dream. While taking an evening walk along the North Point cliff, Arnie and AJ witness a murder attempt.

For the volunteer crew of Nyemouth Lifeboat Station, it's a rescue mission like none before, Helmsman Dominic Melton is part of the team who rescue the victim from the deadly North Sea. When Arnie and Dominic come together in the aftermath of the attack, the attraction is instant. Arnie isn't looking for a relationship. He's committed to his son's wellbeing and has no time for a distraction like Dominic, even though the handsome ex-naval officer is hard to dismiss. Is it possible for Arnie to full fill his promises to AJ while falling for Dominic?

Despite the distraction, a fledgling killer is at large. As feelings between Arnie and Dominic develop, so does the danger they are in. North Point may be a beautiful place to fall in love, but it could also be the most dangerous.

SNik's review:

First in series (Jagged Shores). Suspense. Single dad. Slow burn. Dual POV. Heed content warnings. 

Arnie is a famous actor that has brought his son with him to his hometown for a summer vacation, but their stay is immediately darkened by them witnessing a seemingly random attack on a local woman. When Arnie meets lifeboat rescue volunteer and writer Dominic there is instant attraction, and a very quick (time-wise) ramp up to strong feelings from both men. 

There was a good amount of tension surrounding the unknown killer and the fact that Arnie and Dominic lead very different lives that have to eventually compromise in order to be together. There is a little more background to Arnie as he is a hometown boy, but I appreciated that both characters were honest in their communication and were equally as entranced with each other. Intriguing start to a new series, I look forward to more of the same well written suspense.

North Point is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription