Lights, Camera, Passion by Isabel Lucero

An enemies to lovers story of two 'straight actors who may not be so straight. Lights, Camera, Passion is full of that right level of bickering, tension and passion to make you feel this could actually happen in real life!

From the blurb:

Playing a lead role in a book-to-movie adaptation with a wild fan base? Sign me up! The only downside is that I’m cast alongside Jacoby “Heartthrob” Hart—Hollywood’s golden boy. If only they knew he was an uppity, pompous snob.   

We don’t get along, and if you’re reading the tabloids, you’d assume it was because I “stole” his girlfriend, but they have it all wrong. Jacoby and his cold shoulder started this, and now we’re set to play lovers. The only thing I’d love to do is strangle him, but I’m a professional.

Behind the scenes, we’re either bickering or avoiding each other, but when the cameras start rolling, I can’t believe how much chemistry we have.

One night, during a passionate argument, something happens that I never anticipated. The chemistry that started out as an act turns into much more behind closed doors, but we both have secrets, and Hollywood is a hard place to keep those.

Lights, Camera, Passion is an enemies-to-lovers story between two supposedly straight actors who don't get along but are cast to play lovers in a book-to-movie adaptation. Expect bickering, banter, tension, chemistry, and a couple of revelations straining to burst free from the closet.

Molly Otto's Review:

A beautiful and easy to believe could happen in real life romance. These two start off not really understanding the other but with time get to know the other their feelings grow to a beautiful balance of sweetness and heat.

Adore, when you can actually feel this really could happen if two people open up and be real with each other. It's so different from other books I have read from Isabel, and to me, that makes a great author when you grab the attention of your readers in many different genres. I am looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us next.

Heather's Review:

I won't lie, I peeked at the table of contents and saw 52 chapters and wondered what I was getting myself into... then I dove in and didn't resurface until the end... and time was immaterial... the hate, the tension, the missteps, the passion, the script, the introspection, the banter, the jealousy... so darn good!!! 

The pacing was amazing - everything felt like it happened at just the right time and in the right alignment. Honestly, just clear your schedule and start this book!

Lights, Camera, Passion is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription