Devil's Own (Palm Island Book 6) by K.M. Neuhold

With Devil's Own we see a strong couple become a throuple in a beautiful way that was meant to be in the stars. Raven is the resident psychic but hasn't been lucky in love. Angel and Devil are notorious for playing with others, and want Raven as their 3rd.

From the blurb:

There’s nothing Devil loves more than giving Angel whatever he wants, especially when it’s what he wants too. The only question is… Does Raven want them?

Of course, I’ve noticed Angel and Devil noticing me. I’ve felt their eyes and the deep pulse of their heated wanting. I’ve also seen plenty of men coming and going from their house all summer long, year after year, and I don’t want to be one in a long line.

The energy of Palm Island is so strong, it’s hard not to get swept up in it sometimes. Temporary lust, the hedonistic thrill of excess… I’m only human after all. But something stops me every time I want to give in and let go.

I’ve managed to avoid getting too close to Angel and Devil… until now. Months of endless, heated dreams and the long, lonely slog of the winter are threatening to break my resolve. And all the tarot cards and tea leaves in the world couldn’t prepare me for what they’re really like.

What if all the three-ways are just because they’re desperately searching for something? What if soulmates can come in thirds? What if I let go and see what happens?

Just because I play the part of a psychic, doesn’t mean I know a damn thing about relationships or how we’re going to make this one work…

Molly Otto's review:

Sad to say goodbye to Palm Island, with hopes these men will come back for more fun adventures. We were left hoping for this story from the beginning, and KM did not disappoint with this beautiful mmm romance.

Raven has felt the connection to Angel & Devil from the beginning but couldn't imagine how he could fit in with a couple with so much love for one another. When he decides to open up and give it a go pure magical bliss. These three are so swoon worthy that you can not help but smile as their connection grows. I'm so happy to see KM write another mmm and hope for more to come. Thank you for an amazing series, so I'm so happy to have found it.

Rogue's review:

MMM, series, low angst, established couple, HEA.

I've really enjoyed this series to date, it's been fun, hot, light and perfect low angst reads all the way through. Right from the first book though, I've wanted Raven's story and this is finally it. Angel and Devil have also wandered in and out of the previous books, while also keeping eyes on Raven. I loved Raven and his psychic abilities (or is he just open and extremely observant?). It was so good to finally find out more about Raven, and a joy to see him finally start to let his walls down and let Angel and Devil in where they both so badly want to be.

I can be picky with MMM, but I always trust KM Neuhold when it comes to poly books, and this was no exception. Angel and Devil have always played with others, but have also wanted Raven in their lives since they met him, as an equal partner. I loved seeing the three of them negotiating their new life together, and finding a balance. These three just fit together so well, right from the start. As with the other Palm Island stories, it's super hot too, whether it's two or three all together.

This feels like an ending of sorts although I feel there are more stories that could be told. We've seen most of the original residents get their HEA now and it feels like a satisfying ending for the Island. I hope I get to come back one day though.

Heather's Review:

Sadly, the release of Devil's Own draws the first season of Palm Island books to a close... but happily, we get to see Raven find his HEA with not one but two men, Devil and Angel, the only established couple when the series started...

I love that K.M. Neuhold manages to get a poly romance into almost all of their series.  I've loved Raven as a character from the beginning - his connection to the island and the spirit world have been intriguing and I've wondered who would be strong enough to pair with him... and it turns out he needed the love of two men... and it was beautiful!

I love the pace and flow of this book - nothing is too rushed, but there is still an underlying urgency that builds, especially since Angel can't hold back...  

While this book wraps up the original group's story - there's still hope that some of the newer island residents will feel the love and the magic in the future - I hope it's not too distant... but I do look forward to seeing what else KM has dreamt up for the next series!

Devil's Own is currently available as an e-book and paperback and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription