Chasing Magic (A Collection of Familiars Book 1) by Toby Wise


Chasing Magic is the first of a new series (A Collection of Familiars) by Toby Wise. Featuring true mates, Mpreg, magic and a guaranteed HEA.

From the blurb:

After receiving a magical compass that’s supposed to lead him to his spark, Willow embarks on the road trip of a lifetime. He just didn’t realize it would take over five years of chasing to finally meet his spark, Nash and he certainly wasn’t expecting his spark’s brother to be his true mate.  

Callan, a hawk shifter, is used to his life on the road. He’s always found joy in helping his brother, Nash, travel from place to place, helping sparks learn more about their magic. On one magical stop, Callan and Nash run into Willow and realize he’s exactly what they didn’t know they were missing.

Chasing Magic is book one in A Collection of Familiars series. Inside you’ll find true mates, found family, an alpha hawk, a bluejay familiar, mpreg, magic, and of course, a happily ever after!

Angel's Review:

There are a few things you can come to expect with Toby's stories; they are always going to be full of cuteness and fluff, they are going to have plenty found family goodness, wonderful characters, and of course the beauty of fated mate.

I love Toby's writing, whenever I read one of his books they always make me happy, and leave me finishing the book with a smile. This one did that too. The concept of the magical compass is still something I find really intriguing, I can't wait to see where else it takes the rest of the cousins.

I found the relationship that developed between Callan and Willow to be really cute. It did move fast, but they are fated mates, so that's to be expected. I liked how they didn't mate right away. I adored the scene where they shifted into their animal counterparts and went to the beach, it was just so cute and I love the descriptions of them flying together.

I was so happy to see the characters from the previous series mentioned in this book. And they weren't just mentioned but they also were a feature in this story, which was so cool!! The side characters were great! I was really curious about Nash's character, I still am curious about his character. He's quite mysterious, and the way he is so passionate about learning a bit of everything so he can help multiple people is really amazing.

This was a really great way to start of a new series and I'm really excited to see where else this goes!!

Molly Otto's review:

I'm so happy to get to visit past couples with this new series from Toby!! Love Love the dynamics of Willow & Callen along with Nash, who makes this the perfect team. Willow and Callen may be mates, but with Nash (Callen's brother and Willows spark), they just fit so perfectly.

What another great feel-good read from the ever amazing Toby!

Chasing Magic is currently available as an e-book and can be read as part of your Kindle Unlimited Subscription