Akira (Black Cat Circus: Pearl of Fate Book 3) by Kota Quinn

Black Cat Circus season 2 the Pearl of Fate has some of our favorites from season one finding their mates! Akira has two lost souls come together to find their rightful place among family and friends.

From the blurb:

Akira is a rare Kitsune Fae who is being hunted for his fur. When he takes refuge at the Black Cat Circus, the last thing he expects to find is a tempting human who makes him feel alive.   

Akira has always planned on returning to Faerie, but how can he when there is a magical pull telling him that this is his home? For the first time, Akira is experiencing what it feels like to have a family, feel safe, and fall in love.

For almost a decade, River has been searching for the fae who took his brother. But now that he knows the truth behind Indy’s disappearance, River is at a loss for what to do next.

Eager for a fresh start, River joins the magical circus, despite his skeptical feelings about paranormal creatures. When he helps the charming Kitsune find his place in the circus, River discovers there’s more to Akira than his flirtatious smiles. There’s intense power and passion that River can’t help but be drawn to.

Can love be enough to keep two lost souls together, or will each of their pasts pull them apart?

Akira is a grumpy/sunshine, fated mates, paranormal MM romance. The Black Cat Circus: Pearl of Fate is a multi-author series and season two of the Black Cat Circus World that features found family and a magical cast of characters. Each book can be read as a standalone but is better enjoyed as a series.

Molly Otto's Review:

I'm happy to say another beautiful addition to the Black Cat Circus. Akira and River have a connection that has drawn them together even before they laid eyes on the other. Both were meant to land in BCC to become part of this big, beautiful family along with their siblings that they didn't get the time they deserved with. Add to it their kinks match perfectly, and Kota has a way of incorporating them in a breathtaking way that can be made into an act as well as behind closed doors. Another great addition, and I can not wait to read Farren the last book of season 2!

Rogue's Review:

This is the third book in the second season of the Black Cat Circus, featuring Akira and River. It can be read as a standalone but would be better enjoyed as part of the series, as there are a lot of recurring characters and of course the circus itself. River is part of the circus after finding his missing brother, Indy, there. Akira is with the circus after having to leave faerie once his cover was blown and he didn't want to be hunted as a Kitsune.

In the beginning, River is grumpy and wary of Akira, not sure whether he likes him or not, but soon they give in to the attraction they have for each other. Akira is half-fae, half-kitsune shifter and River's long been obsessed with kitsune lore, so is immediately accepting of Akira and all of him. There's a ton of heat between them, some light sensory play, and River accepting his bi-sexuality. It's an awakening of sorts and I enjoyed seeing these two getting closer. Also loved hearing about kitsune fated mates and the explanation for River's tattoo as the story went on.

This was a fun story with a good amount of heat, and a sense of finding family for both River and Akira. The thread of the pearl continues too and I can't wait for the final story to see the true purpose of the pearl.

- fated mates
- found family
- bi awakening
- light d/s dynamic
- light sensory play

Angel's review:

The more books I read that are apart of this series, the more I fall in love with it. I'll start off by saying that the background is phenomenal! I love that these books take place in the circus. There is so much detail with describing all of the elements that make up the circus, in addition to describing each act, and what rides are there as well. The characters themselves are.. out of this world! With each book we not only get to meet new characters but we also get to read about characters we've seen before and have grown attached to. I love that these authors bring back the characters we fell in love with previously, in addition to creating more fabulous characters.

This story flowed really well, the pacing was great, and the writing was exceptional. The buildup of Akira and River's relationship was handled in a great way. They didn't instantly fall for each other, they took their time getting to know each other, which I adored reading. The bond that River has with Indy when he is in his Peanut form is so adorable, and it's really sweet seeing the two brothers reuniting with each other.

I don't think I've read a book with a Kitsune shifter before, so this book already stood out to me because of that. I found that element to be described and explained really well. There was so much backstory behind the history of Kitsunes and how the tales varies between cultures. It was really fascinating to read about, and that historical element made it more believable. The aspect of Kitsunes visiting their fated mates in their dreams is so beautiful and a very creative take on fated mates. I love that Kota put their own spin on that trope, it was excellent!! I also thought it was cool that River helped Akira find his place in the circus, and that they both created an act that they were both excited to do together.

In this book we got to see that mysterious and illusive seashell reappear and vanish once more. I'm so curious about the seashell that seems to bring couples together.

I truly adore this series and the characters that make this circus come alive. I'm very eager to keep reading!!

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